Cute Photos of Princess Charlotte and Prince George That Make Us Smile

Prince George and Princess Charlotte (and their new little brother) are easily the cutest part of the royal family. We find ourselves getting excited when the family travels just because we know that probably means we’ll get some new royal tot photos.

Here are some of the cutest pictures of Prince George and Princess Charlotte to date, including one taken as they traveled to meet their youngest sibling (page 8).

1. Prince George gives his little sister a kiss

Prince George and Princess Charlotte
This was among Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s first photos together. | Wochit Entertainment via YouTube

Can you even stand this picture? There’s nothing like the love of an older brother, and we could tell right away that Prince George was crazy about his sister.

The Duchess has quite an eye for photography, as she captured this Kodak moment herself.

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2. The kids were all smiles in the family’s 2015 Christmas card

Prince George, Duchess Kate, Princess Catherine, and Prince William in the Royal Family Christmas Card 2015
It doesn’t get much cuter than this first family Christmas card. | Kensington Palace via Instagram

One of the cutest pictures of the family all together is their official 2015 Christmas card. Part of the reason why it’s so cute is that it doesn’t look posed at all; the kids are being kids and having a good time.

Charlotte’s content little grin just about steals the photo, though.

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3. Prince George sees some bubbles

Prince George looks happily at bubbles in the air
Prince George was ecstatic while playing with bubbles. | Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

In 2016, the family took a trip to Canada and attended a garden party for military families in Victoria, British Columbia. At this garden party, Prince George saw some particularly magnificent bubbles.

In these photos, his eyes are twinkling and he’s filled with joy to be around the best thing in the world: bubbles.

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4. Princess Charlotte gets excited over balloons

Princess Charlotte hugging balloons
Princess Charlotte couldn’t get enough of the balloons at this party. | Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

At the same gathering, another particularly adorable photo was captured. Turns out, the garden party had more to offer than just bubbles — there were balloons there, too.

Princess Charlotte looked absolutely tickled pink to play with the decorative balloons.

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5. The kids look cozy in the French Alps

Royal family skiing trip
Even the royal family deserves a vacation. | John Stillwell/AFP/Getty Images

There’s not much cuter than a couple of bundled up kiddos. In this photo, the family is vacationing in the French Alps for a ski trip. George and Charlotte’s big, fluffy coats, cozy hats, and rosy cheeks are just so adorable.

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6. Pippa Middleton’s wedding

Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Prince George and Princess Charlotte with their mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Kirsty Wigglesworth/Pool/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Prince George and his little sister were involved in Pippa’s wedding (Prince George was a pageboy and Charlotte was a bridesmaid). Dressed to the nines in traditional wedding garb, the two looked extremely cute.

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7. When the family arrived in Berlin

Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
This more recent photo is picture perfect. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The photos of the two royal kiddos holding their parents’ hands as they walk down the red carpet upon arriving in Berlin are just the cutest.  The two are color-coordinated in blue, and Princess Charlotte is sweetly holding onto a her-size bouquet of flowers — it doesn’t get much cuter than that!

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8. Arriving at the hospital

Prince George, Prince William, and Princess Charlotte
They made their way to the hospital all in blue. | Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

Following the birth of their baby brother, Prince Louis, Prince George and Princess Charlotte accompanied their father, Prince William, to the hospital to visit their mother and sibling. All dressed in blue, the tots held their father’s hand on their way into the Lindo Wing. While George maintained a stoic look to match his dad’s, Charlotte was a little ham and waved to the cameras, even turning around on the building steps to acknowledge her public once more.

Additional reporting by Becca Bleznak.

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