These Episodes of ‘Run BTS!’ Are a Must-Watch for Any BTS Fan

BTS has reached worldwide popularity and gains new fans every day. For fans unfamiliar with BTS, Run BTS! is the group’s variety show. ARMY can watch the show on BTS’s VLIVE channel. In the show, the members of BTS compete in games and challenges against each other and travel together.

Run BTS! has over 80 episodes, so it can be difficult to pick standout episodes from the show. Because of how chaotic the members of BTS are, watching Run BTS! can make one wonder why comedians even try anymore. For new BTS fans or fans who are looking to re-watch episodes, these episodes of Run BTS! are a must-watch for any BTS fan.

Run BTS episodes
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Episode 31 is one of the best ‘Run BTS!’ episodes of all time

Episode 31 of Run BTS! is one of the funniest episodes in the variety show’s history. In the episode, the members of BTS compete in old variety show games while wearing vintage outfits. For the first game, the members have to try and guess what’s in a box while the MC, played by Suga, opens and closes it. The group then plays a Kung King Ta game.

The real humor comes during the third game from the episode. For the final challenge, the members of BTS dress into pajamas and listen to a children’s song. After listening to the song once, they take a nap. When they wake up they have to try and sing the song from memory.

Episodes 23 and 24 of ‘Run BTS’ are great for different reasons

Episode 23 of Run BTS! features the members of BTS playing with dogs. The members meet seven dogs and get paired with whichever dog picks them from a lineup. BTS then teach the dogs tricks and compete at the end of the episode. No further explanation is required because what could be better than BTS and dogs?

The next episode of Run BTS! is a great episode for a totally different reason. Episode 24 is hilarious, and starts with BTS thinking they are visiting a zoo at nighttime. Instead, the group is forced to navigate a theme park while being chased by zombies.

The members of BTS turn on each other in ‘Protect BTS Village’

Over the course of episodes 47 and 48, Korea Job World poses as “BTS Village.” The seven members each take on the role of a citizen of the village, ranging from a delivery man to a mechanic. They then play a complex spy game that involves trying to find out which members are the impostors from the Blue Village.

As the members search for clues to find the impostors, the impostors from the Blue Village come up with fake clues to throw them off. Because Run BTS! brings out everyone’s competitive side, the members quickly all turn on each other. In the hilarious episodes, BTS throw accusations left and right as they attempt to trick each other.

Newer episodes show BTS being let loose in a mall

In Run BTS! episodes 79 and 80, BTS takes part in “007 Operation.” The group is let loose in Lotte Duty Free in the Lotte World Tower. It’s every man for himself as the members try to earn points to win a set of gift cards.

The episodes show the members running through the mall trying to collect cards. As they search, the editors of Run BTS! clown the members in the captions whenever they miss a card. After collecting the cards, the BTS members can use the cards to play games in an attempt to earn points.

There is nothing funnier than BTS lying to each other with ease or losing their minds over a simple competition. In the episodes, the members lie to each other about how many cards they have and try to spy on one another. They try to strike up alliances and sabotage each other just to win a few gift cards.