These ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel ‘House Of Dragons’ Fan Theories Are Intense

Many Game Of Thrones fans are still reeling from that disastrous eighth season. The show that we’ve held near and dear to our hearts since 2011 went out with a whimper instead of a bang. However, all hope was not lost. As the final season of GoT was winding down –HBO announced that they would be working on several prequels to the George R.R. Martin fantasy epic. 

Though the network recently pulled the plug on a GoT prequel starring Naomi Watts (tentatively called, The Long Night) — they also just gave the green light to another prequel — House of Dragons

House of Dragons is based on Martin’s Fire & Blood which follows the history of House Targaryen. Right out of the gate, HBO has given the show a 10-episode order. Here are some intriguing fan theories about what we might see in Season 1 when House of Dragons debuts.

The Starks won’t play a prominent role in this show

Though we still adore the pack that survived — don’t expect to see or hear much about House Stark in House of Dragons. This story is about the golden-haired Targaryens. Until Ned Stark’s father ventured to King’s Landing and was burnt alive by the Mad King –the Starks rarely crossed paths with the dragon house.

During the time period of this series, we believe the Starks will keep their butts parked in the North. However, this could change. GRRM knows how to trick his audience.

Aegon’s Conquest

With the Starks chilling in the North, this allowed Aegon I Targaryen and his sisters/wives Visenya and Rhaenys to conquer most of Westeros with their dragons. Essentially the only kingdom that does not yield to them is Dorne. However, Aegon is still able to form the Seven Kingdoms. We’re going to assume that this massive war — and the relationships that Aegon had with his sisters will take up most of Season 1. So you should brace yourself for blood, terror, and incest.

The fall of House Gardener

We never saw House Gardner on Game of Thrones because the house of the old and famed Kings of the Reach was extinct by Jon Snow’s time. However, you should know that House Gardner was House Targaryen’s greatest enemy. When the House finally fell to Aegon I in a Field of Fire during the War of Conquest –they fought until the bitter bloody end.

When does ‘House of Dragons’ premiere?

Since we have a bit of context about what’s going to happen in House of Dragons, here’s what we know about the series as a whole. George R.R. Martin worked with writer Ryan Condal to create the series which is set 300 years before Ned Stark becomes Robert Baratheon’s hand. 

We also know that the show will feel very familiar to Game of Thrones fans since Miguel Sapochnik, who directed episodes like “Hardhome,” “The Winds of Winter,” and “The Battle of the Bastards” is acting as co-showrunner along with Condal.

Though HBO hasn’t given us a relate date –we know that a series like this will take some time. We expect to see the pilot episode of House of Dragons at the top of 2021.

We’re ready.