These Innocent Celebrity Instagram Photos Got Huge Backlash From Fans

Instagram has become a popular platform for celebrities to share moments and interact with their fans like never before. But sometimes a star’s post can ignite a reaction from followers they never expected.

A photo or caption that they thought was sweet or funny can bring out haters who love to criticize them for no good reason. While many celebrities clap back to hush the trolls, other choose not to even dignify their comments with a response. Here are some seemingly innocent Instagram posts that caused a firestorm on social media.

Blake Lively’s booty caption

In 2016, Blake Lively faced backlash after she posted a side-by-side photo of her front and backside on a red carpet in Cannes and captioned it, “L.A. face with an Oakland booty.” Seeing the reference to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s hit “Baby Got Back,” several commenters decided to call her out and labeled her caption problematic because of the song’s meaning. Some also accused her of “racial insensitivity.”

Even Sir Mix-A-Lot was surprised by the outrage and joined the conversation to defend the actress. Lively later said she didn’t mean to offend anyone and was simply celebrating her body and the curves that she’s proud of.

Ryan Reynolds’ daughter in carrier

Another post by Lively that received criticism is this 2015 Father’s Day wish to her hubby Ryan Reynolds. “Happy Father’s Day!!! … Since the day our baby was born, I’ve felt so strongly in my heart that you were most likely the father,” she jokingly captioned a photo of Reynolds and their daughter, James. This time, people didn’t have a problem with the caption, but the way she positioned James in her carrier.

Reynolds later addressed the issue in an interview. “The baby is not properly secured in the vessel that I’m wearing there. I’m a first-time dad, and that is not the first mistake I’ve made. I can guarantee you it won’t be last,” he said. He also reassured everyone that his daughter has only been properly carried since then.

Christina El Moussa’s picture with daughter in bikinis

Those who think they’re the social media police also found something wrong with a 2017 photo of Christina El Moussa and her daughter, Taylor. The Flip or Flop star introduced her followers to the family’s new puppy, and in the picture, she and Taylor are wearing matching bikinis. Some commenters immediately jumped all over her, calling the image of her young daughter in a bathing suit “sick.”

El Moussa didn’t need to respond to the haters. Since most of her followers saw nothing wrong with the photo, they defended it and took on the trolls for her.

Hilary Duff kisses son on the lips

A debate people often jump into with celebrities on social media is whether it’s appropriate to kiss their children on the mouth. Therefore, this 2016 post by Hilary Duff kissing her son, Luca, on the lips caused a stir. After visiting Disneyland, Duff posted about their day at happiest place on her Earth.

But she wasn’t happy at all when some of her followers deemed the photo “inappropriate.” In a follow-up post, the actress fired back, writing, “For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four year old is ‘inappropriate’ go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment.”

Victoria Beckham kisses daughter on lips

Victoria Beckham wasn’t safe from the backlash either after posting this photo of her kissing daughter Harper on the lips. While some called the picture “disgusting,” the majority of her followers saw it as nothing more than a mother’s affection for her little girl.

Some even started posting their own shots of them kissing their children on the mouth as well.

Kristin Cavallari’s children on beach

What was supposed to be a simple Fourth of July post from Kristin Cavallari and her family drew criticism about how her children looked in the photo. Users attacked her over their weight, calling the boys “obviously nutritionally deficient.” They also blamed it on the cookbook author’s healthy diet.

But Cavallari did not take the comments lying down. She hit back with sarcasm and informed everyone that she blocked the haters. “Yep, I starve my children,” she wrote, adding, “Just blocked the most people I’ve ever blocked in my entire life. Happy 4th hahaha.”

Alyssa Milano’s breastfeeding picture

Back in 2014, Alyssa Milano posted a breastfeeding selfie with her daughter, Elizabella. The picture upset some people, and the debate about if mothers should share photos nursing their children came up. Milano talked about some of the backlash she received and couldn’t believe that anyone had a problem with it. She also raised questions about why people were OK with Kim Kardashian’s naked Paper Magazine photos, but not a mother breastfeeding her child.

In the past, stars, including Jaime King, Gisele Bündchen, and Doutzen Kroes, have all posted photos of themselves nursing their babies, and in 2015, Instagram changed its community guidelines to allow mothers to share such pictures.

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