These Original Netflix Shows Deserved a Second Season

Some Netflix original content is the bees-knees. The movies top the rating lists and the series get renewed time and time again. Sometimes Netflix misses the mark entirely and has to scrap the trainwrecks they create. But the most frustrating for fans is when they ax a show that is more than deserving of a second season.

Below are some of Netflix’s most beloved original series that got cut way too short.

‘The Get Down’

The Get Down is one of the most expensive Netflix series ever produced. Baz Luhrmann had big dreams when it came to the drama. He wanted to depict the rise of hip-hop by following a group of teens during the 70s. The show initially had an impressive budget of $7.5 million for a single episode. Once everything was wrapped up, the budget easily blew the allotted number out of the water.

Creative and production-based clashes were at fault for the delays. Considering all the behind the scenes drama, it’s not surprising the show didn’t get renewed for a second season. Years of problems on the set really weighed down the musical masterpiece. 


Netflix did basically no advertising when it came to this hidden gem of a Japanese drama. That lack led to Atelier being one of many great Netflix shows that nobody was talking about when it debuted. The show didn’t even hit Rotten Tomatoes’ radar. That’s okay though, IMDb ranks it at 7.5/10 and an impressive 95% of Google users fancy the show.

So what’s Atelier about? The 2016 series follows fashion fan and longtime country gal Mayuko as she struggles to adjust to her new job at a high-class lingerie manufacturer in Tokyo. Needless to say, the values of her work world differ substantially from the way she was raised. The description alone has true The Devil Wears Prada vibes!

‘Everything Sucks!’

Everything Sucks didn’t deserve to get axed. The comedy follows two clubs filled to the brim with misfits, the AV club and the drama club. While the critics took to the Netflix original, granting it a 72% on Rotten Tomatoes, the viewership was rather low. So much so, Netflix didn’t think a second season was needed.

What sucks about this cancellation was that the creators planned to have at least one more season to tell their story! Season one ends in a cliffhanger, one that will probably never get addressed unless Netflix decides to revive the show in the future. Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed and make their voices heard if they want the streaming giant to dish out the budget for this underrated show.

‘Hibana: Spark’

Hibana: Spark is another Japanese drama that Netflix threw to the curb after a single season. Just like Atelier it debuted in 2016. Just like Atelier it show didn’t receive the attention it deserved when it came to promos. While Atelier was an original masterpiece, Hibana: Sparks takes inspiration from Naoki Matayoshi’s novel, Hibana.

The story follows an aspiring comedian, played by Kento Hayashi after a veteran comic takes him as a protégé. There was never an order for a second season despite the show having a pretty warm reception. While it didn’t make it to Rotten Tomatoes’ radar, it did garnish an impressive 8.2/10 on IMDb and pleased 94% of Google users.

‘Seven Seconds’

Seven Seconds is a compelling series centered around police brutality. Considering just how prevalent it is in America, it was only a matter of time before a series that takes a realistic look at the problematic issue goes public. Seven Seconds is produced by Veena Sud’s, the mastermind behind the ever-popular The Killing. 

The Netflix original follows the events that transpire after a black teenager is killed by a white police officer. Unsurprisingly, the officer does what he can to cover up the crime with the help of his fellow officers. Now, a prosecutor played by Clare-Hope Ashitey and the boy’s mother, played by Regina King, need to do what they can to discover the truth of the accident. It’s a visceral cinematic experience with a powerful message that is more than worth a watch