These ‘Roseanne’ Cast Members Had Choice Words for Roseanne Barr

When ABC canceled Roseanne due to Roseanne Barr’s shocking and racist tweet, hundreds of people suddenly lost their jobs. This includes the talented cast, who were excited to return for another season in the fall.

In the days following Barr’s tweet, most of the show’s cast members have distanced themselves from her, some with pretty strong words. Here’s a look at how the cast of Roseanne has responded to Barr’s racist statement, and how Barr has surprisingly shot back at them (page 7).

1. Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman's tweet.

Michael Fishman’s statement | Michael Fishman via Twitter

  • Fishman played D.J. in the original show and the reboot.

Michael Fishman really hadn’t acted much since Roseanne went off the air in 1997. So the 2018 revival was a tremendous opportunity for him. Naturally, the end of the show was devastating.

Fishman released a statement via Twitter saying in part:

Today is one of the hardest in my life. I feel devastated, not for the end of the Roseanne show, but for all those who poured their hearts and souls into our jobs, and the audience that welcomed us into their homes. Our cast, crew, writers and production staff strived for inclusiveness, with numerous storylines designed to reflect inclusiveness. The words of one person do not exemplify the thinking of all involved. I condemn these statements statements (sic) vehemently.

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2. Emma Kenney

Emma Kenney's Twitter statements.

Emma Kenney’s tweets | Emma Kenney via Twitter

  • Kenney played Harris, Darlene’s daughter, in the reboot.

On Twitter, Kenney condemned Barr’s statement, writing, “I am hurt, embarrassed, and disappointed. The racist and distasteful comments from Roseanne are inexcusable.”

In addition, Kenney actually revealed that she was about to quit the show before ABC canceled it.”As I called my manager to quit working on Roseanne, I was told it was cancelled,” she said. “I feel so empowered by @iamwandasykes, Channing Dungey and anyone at ABC standing up for morals and abuse of power. Bullies will NEVER win.”

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3. Lecy Goranson

Lecy Goranson on a red carpet.

Lecy Goranson | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

  • Goranson played Becky in the original show and the reboot.

Lecy Goranson has also weighed in on the cancellation and on Barr’s racist statement.

Goranson’s tweets are currently private, but according to Deadline, she wrote, “Devastated by the cancelation of @RoseanneOnABC. But more devastating are the effects of hate speech and racism on individuals and society. Thank you for your support. And, in the spirit of our amazing crew, spread love not hate!”

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4. Sandra Bernhard

Sandra Bernhard posing for the paparazzi.

Sandra Bernhard | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

  • Bernhard played Nancy in the original show.

Sandra Bernhard actually wasn’t in the Roseanne revival, but she was a member of the show’s previous run; she played Nancy Bartlett.

According to ET, on her radio show, Bernhard said that what Barr said was an “incredibly racist statement.” She added:

I don’t understand how anybody who is as smart as Roseanne is can have gone this deep over the line. I don’t get it. I don’t care if you’re ultra conservative or uber left, you know what I mean, it’s just like racism.

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5. Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert at the Premiere Of ABC's 'Roseanne'.

Sara Gilbert | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

  • Gilbert played Darlene in the original and the reboot.

Sara Gilbert really spearheaded the Roseanne revival, and she was arguably the reboot’s main character. So you can imagine how much of a blow it was when ABC canceled the series.

Gilbert released a statement condemning Barr’s tweet right after it happened but before the cancellation. She wrote, “Roseanne’s recent comments about Valerie Jarrett, and so much more, are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show. I am disappointed in her actions to say the least.” When the show was canceled, she said that it was an incredibly sad day.

Gilbert later expanded on this during her show The Talk, saying she’s proud of the show but stands behind ABC’s decision to cancel it.

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6. Samir Al-Harazi

Roseanne talking to her Muslim neighbors.

Roseanne | ABC

  • Al-Harazi played Barr’s Muslim neighbor in the reboot.

Samir Al-Harazi recently penned a devasting essay for The Hollywood Reporter, in which he talks about how getting to star in Roseanne was a dream come true.

In his piece, Al-Harazi says that he had a great experience working with Barr, who was quite friendly on set. Because of this experience, the tweet was shocking. He writes:

Her words go against everything I believe in and everything that our episode represented. Or so I thought. I was extremely disappointed not only by her words, but also by the cancellation of the show which shined a light into many dark spots of our society — corners of society we don’t like to look at, see or talk about at parties.

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7. Barr responds

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

  • Barr called out the cast members who criticized her.

Although Barr has apologized for her statement, she has also surprisingly gone after a few of the actors who have condemned her. For instance, when Fishman released his statement, Barr replied on Twitter, “i created the platform for that inclusivity and you know it.ME . You throw me under the bus. nice!.”

Barr also replied to Gilbert’s statement saying, “Wow! unreal.” She later followed up by saying, “no, I understand her position and why she said what she said. i forgive her. It just shocked me a bit, but I indeed f*cked up.”

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