These Shows About New York Were Actually Filmed In New York

While there have been a ton of TV shows that have treated New York City as a fifth character, many of them used the magic of television to transform soundstages in sunny California into the mean streets of New York. There are, however, a few iconic shows that have been filmed directly in New York, and they’ve worked hard to incorporate the iconic landscape into the storylines.

Sex and the City uses iconic New York City locations to set the scene

Carrie Bradshaw’s address might have been listed as 245 East 73rd Street, but a private home on Perry Street was used as a filming location. In fact, much of the show was filmed in and around New York City’s most celebrated landmarks. The Staten Island Ferry was used in an episode, and Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street is now famed for its appearance in the show. The fashionistas even ventured out to the Bronx to take in a Yankee game at famed Yankee Stadium, according to Curbed.

Not only was much of the show filmed on location, but a couple of its biggest stars still consider the city their home base. Sarah Jessica Parker calls Greenwich Village home. Cynthia Nixon, famed for her portrayal of Miranda Hobbs, ran for governor of the state. She resides on Bleeker Street, according to The New York Post.

Blue Bloods stays true to its New York City Vibe

Blue Bloods follows the Reagan family as they live and work in New York City. The show attempts to meld family relationships with on-the-job drama in the high-stakes world of law enforcement.

Since the show is all about the New York City police department, it would make sense that the show would be filmed in the area. In fact, the majority of Blue Bloods is filmed in Brooklyn. The cast does venture out onto the streets of New York City and Queens for on-location shoots. The central home, however, is a real residence located in Brooklyn, according to Country Living.

Girls takes a page out of Sex and The City’s book

Girls, another contribution from HBO thatbrings four women together as they navigate life in the city, was largely filmed in The Big Apple, as well. While Sex and the City largely stayed on the island of Manhattan, save for a few fish out of water episodes, Girls explored some of the lesser-known areas of New York City.

Café Grumpy, the place of employment for two of the girls, is located in Greenpoint, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. Greenpoint is the chain’s original store, but they’ve expanded a bit throughout the rest of the city.  

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has picked out vintage corners of Manhattan

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a runaway success. Building on the star power of, Amy Sherman-Palladino, best known for penning Gilmore Girls, the crew has worked hard to capture the vibe of Manhattan in the 1960s.

The majority of the show is filmed in a Brooklyn studio. Several locations around Manhattan have also been used to inject the importance of the location into the show’s storyline. A townhouse on St. Mark’s Place is used a stand-in for The Gaslight Club, according to Conde Nast Traveler. The Village Vanguard and The Music Inn both still stand in their original locations. They have both been used in filming. They are located on Seventh Avenue South and West 4th Street respectively.