These Top Netflix Shows Are Returning in June 2020

Looking forward to fresh content on Netflix next month? This probably isn’t the only streaming service you’re signed up for, so it pays to know in advance what to expect. Set your calendar alarms accordingly for these Netflix originals due to arrive in June.

For some series, this will be a send-off run and for others, a welcome return. Here’s a look some of the top shows coming back.

'13 Reasons Why'
’13 Reasons Why’ | David Moir/Netflix

‘Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj: Volume 6’

New episodes of Minhaj’s comedy talk show will hit the platform in June each Sunday. This round, he’ll touch on life in a pandemic world, education, politics, and more.

‘Fuller House: The Farewell Season’

It’s the final season of the reboot which saw the return of the Tanner family and Kimmy Gibbler. To wrap things up means watching the ladies navigate three weddings while juggling parenthood.

’13 Reasons Why’

It was announced last year that season 4 would be the final one for the series. It’s senior year at Liberty High and the group is still holding secrets. Who will break? Will the dead return through flashbacks (like Monty)? And the lingering question: Will Winston show up? Binge it on June 5.

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‘Queer Eye’

Season 5 will see Tan France, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, and Jonathan Van Ness jet off to Philadelphia to meet 10 new people and sprinkle some joy in their lives. Watch it on June 5.

‘F is for Family’

The animated comedy is back for season 4 for more ‘70s wildness, raunchiness, and questionable parenting with the Murphy family. Remember, this one is for adults only. Catch it on June 12.

‘Dating Around’

It’s been more than one year since the reality show Dating Around premiered on Netflix with its first season.

Season 2 will set up a new set of single contestants on five blind first dates and a magical second one with the best choice. Binge it along with the streamer’s other dating shows on June 12.


If you aren’t watching this British drama, it’s time you add all seasons to your watch list. Season 2 of Marcella left viewers with a major cliffhanger when the titular character knocked out inspector Rav, wounded her mouth, faked her death, and ended up hiding under a bridge. Whew!

Marcella was then approached by a mysterious man saying his boss wanted to meet her, and enraged fans want to know why all that happened. Prepare for season 3 on June 14.

‘The Order’

Magic, secret societies, werewolves, and lots of deceit. The season 1 finale of this series made some viewers angry when magic amnesia dust was blown on The Knights.

Will season 2 reveal why this was done and will they get their memories back? Find out what’s behind it and what else is going on at Belgrave University when the show returns on June 18.

‘The Politician’

Ryan Murphy’s satirical dramedy is back with more of Payton Hobart’s antics. It’s not high school. Here’s a description from Netflix:

Payton Hobart fights to unseat Dede Standish in the New York State Senate race. As a long-time incumbent and greatly admired Senate Majority Leader with no-nonsense Chief of Staff, Hadassah Gold (Bette Midler) at her side, Dede’s re-election was supposed to be easy, but Payton – who sees this as the next step on his path to the Presidency – must decide what kind of politician he ultimately wants to be in order to succeed, even if that means exposing secrets, lies, and a throuple. Meanwhile, his mother, Georgina Hobart makes a momentous decision that threatens to upstage him and everything he’s hoping to accomplish.

Season 2 of The Politician arrives on Netflix on June 19.

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