These TV Shows Need To Be Rebooted ASAP

With the success of television reboots like Will & Grace and the rise and fall of ABC’s Roseanne, TV reboots have been all the rage in the entertainment industry. It doesn’t look like these reboots are slowing down anytime soon. The CW has given the green light to a new version of Charmed, Netflix is resurrecting Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and putting a darker spin on it, and it looks like Joss Whedon is even hinting at Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s return.

While we’re sure some of these reboots and revivals will be better than others, we’d like to make our own suggestions for some shows that will surely be successful if they were revived in the next few years. These 15 TV shows need to be revamped ASAP.

1. Tru Calling

Tru Calling

Tru Calling | Fox

First and foremost can we say that Hollywood needs to start treating Eliza Dushku better? When Tru Calling debuted in 2003, it was epic. The series followed Dushku as Tru Davies, a medical student who discovers that she has the power to go back in time and relive a day to prevent people from dying. A supernatural show with a woman at the center is always a win in our opinion.

Tru Calling was terrific because it has the courage (pre-Game of Thrones) to kill off one of its main characters, Matt Bomer’s Luc Johnston. We bet you forgot Zach Galifianakis was also on the series. Even if the original cast didn’t return, not revamping Tru Calling for a new generation would be a massive mistake.

Next: An updated “Sex and the City.”

2. Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick Jungle | NBC

Can we talk about how good Lipstick Jungle was? Yes, we realize that there were only 20 episodes of the series before it was axed, but after Sex and the City went off the air, it was the only series that followed a group of successful women in their more mature years in New York City. We need more of that.

A series that starred Brooke Shields, Lindsay Price, and Kim Raver as powerhouse women who were defined because of their work and career is what we need on TV right now. Surely, Netflix, Hulu or some other network could step in and revitalize the show for fans and a new audience.

Next: A show about a pie-maker who could wake the dead. 

3. Pushing Daisies

Chuck and Ned leaning on a counter in his shop

Pushing Daisies | ABC

Was anyone else as heartbroken as we were when Pushing Daisies was canceled? The brilliant ABC series mixed comedy, drama, fantasy and the supernatural.  Lee Pace starred as Ned, a pie-maker with the ability to bring dead things back to life with his touch. However, it was a skill that comes with stipulations. Teaming up with his formerly deceased childhood crush, Chuck (Anna Friel) and a slew of other exciting characters, Lee begins to use his abilities to solve murders.

The show was critically acclaimed and won a ton of awards, but because the second season struggled a bit when it came to ratings, ABC kicked it out of the door way too soon. Can we get a reboot, please?

Next: The original “Homeland”

4. Alias

Alias Jennifer Garner

Alias | ABC

First of all Jennifer Garner doesn’t get the love that she deserves. Honestly, Sydney Bristow was iconic, and way before Homeland, we saw a woman on primetime television kicking butt as a CIA agent. We would want to see Alias as more of a spin-off or a revamp than a reboot. After all, in the finale, Sydney’s daughter completes a puzzle and exhibits the same abilities that got her mother recruited to the CIA.

Clearly, we would want to see Garner guest star on the show every now and again.

Next: A show for the ladies. 

5. Girlfriends


Girlfriends | The CW

Talk about a show that ended way too soon. Mara Brock-Akil’s smart and sexy Girlfriends followed four friends in their late 20’s, and early 30’s trying to figure out life and love in Los Angeles. Did we mention the fact that these were Black women at a time when Black people were still hardly ever seen on TV?

Things ended so strangely for Joan and the girls that many long-time fans of the show are still mad about it. We would at least like to see a film so that everything could be wrapped up nicely. Though we were able to get the spin-off The Game, nothing will ever be as good as the original.

Next: A show for fans of history and progress.

6. Jack & Bobby

Jack and Bobby

Jack and Bobby | ABC

The folks on The WB weren’t mature enough to handle the actual brilliance that was Jack & Bobby. The show chronicled the teen years of Bobby McCallister, a progressive President of the United States from 2041 to 2049 and the story of his deceased brother. The name alone was legendary,

John Slattery and Bradley Cooper were both on the series. The show is not a fit for The CW, but ABC or NBC could certainly handle it. We also think that in this day and age, a gender swap would work exceptionally well.

Next: The show that left us hanging. 

7. Reunion


Reunion | Fox

It’s been almost 15 years, but we still vividly remember the promo material for Fox’s 2005 series Reunion. It was that iconic.  The series was intended to chronicle 20 years in the lives of six high school friends with each episode following one year in the lives of the six, beginning with their high school graduation year 1986.

The show also included scenes from the present day, investigating the brutal murder of one of the group members during the night of their 20-year class reunion in 2006. The entire gimmick of the show was that the audience was trying to figure out who was murdered. Talk about actual brilliance. Unfortunately, people didn’t watch the show, so Fox pulled the plug, but we think the premise is definitely still usable.

Next: TV certainly isn’t better off without this show. 

8. Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted | ABC

We don’t think audiences were mature enough to handle the iconic satirical comedy series, Better Off Ted. You know a show is good when the protagonist regularly breaks the fourth wall and directly addresses the audience as the show’s on-camera narrator and it works. Jay Harrington starred as Ted Crisp, a single father and well-liked head of a research and development department at the fictional, soulless conglomerate of Veridian Dynamics.

However, when Ted stars questioning the company’s extremely questionable business practices — their model is “Money over people” — all hell breaks loose. The series canceled due to low ratings, but we promise if it were revamped we’d get all of our friends to watch. After all, how often do you really laugh out loud at a sitcom?

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9. Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me | Showtime

We promise we don’t have some sick obsession with death, it just seems like some of the best shows have death as one of their main themes. Dead Like Me was one of those shows. The show followed a group of grim reapers who have a chance to stay in the world until they collect a requisite number of souls.

Ellen Muth’s  Georgia “George” Lass, is the newest grim reaper and who after having an unhappy life is not to keen to continue on in the world for an unspecified amount of time. Creator Bryan Fuller left the series after only five episodes, and it was just downhill from there. We think if MGM Television apologized to Fuller maybe he could be convinced to return for a reboot.

Next: A legendary space cowboy series. 

10. Firefly


Firefly| FOX

We don’t deserve Joss Whedon. He has done so much for us, even giving us Firefly which we clearly did not deserve. The series was set 500 years in the future after a universal civil war. It followed a ragtag group on a transport spaceship who took on any job so long as it puts food on the table.

However, they faced a ton of challenges in their new reality including flesh-eating mongrels who lived on the fringes of the universe. This sound like something Whedon needs to team up with Netflix to do because these space cowboys need more shine. Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres have gone on to do amazing things, so a reboot would be more than enough.

Next: A show about high school circa 1980. 

11. Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks | NBC

Freaks and Geeks was only on air for one season (because NBC is insane) but it helped launch the careers of James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Martin Starr, and Lizzy Caplan. The show examined what high school was like in the ’80s and how deeply tragic it truly was.

We’re not sure a full series would be rebooted but Apatow has said a revival “could happen,” and Franco expressed interest, saying it could be about the 20-year high school reunion.  We think that the cast has moved on to bigger and better things, but the premise is still iconic so it would certainly work well for a reboot with a new cast in the roles.

Next: A show whose ending was anything but happy. 

12. Happy Endings

Happy Endings

Happy Endings | ABC

We seriously can’t even deal with the fact that Happy Endings got canceled. Luckily writer Prentice Penny has gone on to run Insecure, but we’re still devastated. The show followed perfect couple Dave and Alex who held their group of friends together, which we all know is a super hard thing to do in adulthood.

However, things all went to hell when Alex leaves Dave at the altar, and the gang must figure out how to cope without them as a couple. When ABC canceled the series after Season 3, it was called one of the worst TV decisions ever. Luckily it just ended in 2013, and there is still more than enough time to call the gang and put it all back together again. We needed a revival like yesterday.

Next: A really good teen drama. 

13. Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It | ABC

Teens these days will never understand the epicness that was Life As We Know It. If you were coming-of-age in 2004, then you certainly remember the short -lived teen drama. Set in Seattle, Washington, the show followed Dino Whitman (Sean Faris), a star ice hockey player, his girlfriend, and his best friends.

Dino wasn’t just dealing with his own drama, he was also dealing with the fallout of the demise of his parents’ marriage which occurred after his mother had an affair with his hockey coach. It’s really hard to make a teen drama good, and Life As We Know It succeeded greatly. Too bad we were all too busy watching One Tree Hill and The O.C., so ABC had to cancel it. There is still time for a reboot though.

Next: Almost as good as “Charmed.”

14. Witches of East End

Witches of East End

Witches of East End | Lifetime

Capturing the magic of the original Charmed series is what made Witches of East End iconic. The series which aired on Lifetime for just two seasons followed the mysterious Beauchamp family. The women were gifted with a magical birthright which they slowly begin to uncover.

The series worked do well because it effectively balanced supernatural and family drama. It even took things a step further with its iconic cliffhangers.  We still don’t know who killed Frederick and it seriously haunts us in our dreams. At least we can re-read, Melissa de la Cruz’s novel of the same name when we’re feeling really sad about it.

Next: A dirty, sexy show

15. Dirty Sexy Money

Dirty Sexy Money

Dirty Sexy Money | ABC

Pre-Parenthood, Peter Krause starred in another exceptional series, Dirty Sexy Money. Krause was Nick George, an idealistic lawyer, asked by the mega-rich New York Darling family to follow in his murdered father’s footsteps to become their personal attorney. Though the job obviously has perks, ie, money, Nick soon finds that there are quite a few strings attached to the Darling family’s very sticky web.

Also, the show had Donald Sutherland, so we don’t even understand why this reboot is taking so long.

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