These Twisted ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Theories Will Change the Way You Watch the Premiere

Plot twists and American Horror Story go hand-in-hand like the ’80s and slasher films — they were just meant to be. From Violet Harmon’s (Taissa Farmiga) shocking death in Murder House to Cordelia Foxx’s (Sarah Paulson) true destiny in Coven, the FX series has delivered more curveballs than we can count. Now, as the American Horror Story: 1984 premiere approaches on Sept. 18, viewers have been speculating what season 9’s biggest twist will be with hundreds of — totally plausible — fan theories.

Leslie Grossman and Billie Lourd
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‘AHS’ Season 9 is a ‘Big Brother’-type reality show

A popular AHS: 1984 theory suggests the theme of the season doesn’t just focus on slasher films in the ’80s. Rather, most people seem to think the season will be related to 1984, the popular dystopian novel written by George Orwell. But how will this relate AHS? Fans on the American Horror Story subreddit were quick to piece everything together.

“Theories are swirling that perhaps this season is about more than just a killer and a camp, and that maybe we’ll have a Roanoke-like twist occur,” a fan wrote, adding other viewers think the season will include a reality show of some sort.

“If this is the case, 1984 as a title could be a major clue,” the user continued. “The George Orwell 1984 novel is about government overreach on its citizens and always watching them. The phrase used with the book is ‘Big Brother is watching.’ So, if there is some sort of reality show season twist, I’d bet it’s going to be like the Big Brother reality show.”

That being said, the fan wasn’t able to hypothesize how a Big Brother reality show will work in the FX series. “Not sure how likely the twist actually is in general,” the fan explained. “But it would definitely be a clever way for the season’s title to take on multiple meanings. Even if this is wrong, I’ll still be surprised if there’s no more to the 1984 title than meets the eye.”

‘American Horror Story: 1984’ will be a game show

Another fan proposed a 1984 theory suggesting the show’s big plot twist would be a game show. The user noted the AHS: 1984 Survivor Sweepstakes and “corny opening credits” as foreshadowing prior to the premiere.

“With elements in Apocalypse about selecting people for the outpost, screen tests trailers, in some of the teasers they are watching the new characters on TV,” the fan shared. “The possibility of it being a game show I think is rather evident.” The user also hinted at a possible “Cabin in the Woods/Big Brother/The Truman Show” series.

Meanwhile, in a separate thread on Reddit, another viewer offered a similar game show theory for AHS: 1984. But this time, the fan’s suggestion felt a little like The Hunger Games.

“I think this season might be a summer camp mixed with a battle royale theme,” the Redditor wrote. “Like the group of counselors vs killers and it comes down to a winner. The game is controlled by like the 1% percent or is a game show and they don’t know it. So many possibilities.”

‘AHS: 1984’ is actually a virtual reality simulation

In a discussion board about American Horror Story: 1984 fan theories, a Reddit user shared their thoughts based on the teaser promos. They proposed the season takes place in “some kind of virtual reality simulation.”

“The season actually takes place in the near future, post-‘(averted) Apocalypse,'” the fan explained. “It will cut back and fourth between the game world and the real world, contrasting the low-tech 80’s with the advanced tech of the future.”

The fan also fleshed out a few character details. “The free-spirited sexually adventurous character avatars in 1984 with the jaded, sexually repressed geeks they are IRL,” the user wrote. “Maybe whoever is playing as the killer will be inspired to try the real thing and track down his/her virtual victims in the real world.”

And before you dismiss the theory as a perfect episode prompt for Netflix’s Black Mirror, the Redditor reminded other fans American Horror Story “already dabbled with science fiction last season” by using robots, time travel, and AI.

Some of these fan theories will seriously make you rethink everything when you watch the American Horror Story: 1984 premiere. There are a million ways the writers could take the season, which means any one of these ideas could actually happen on the show. Whatever happens, let’s just hope the show lives up to expectations.

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