These Two Primary Avengers Never Interacted On-Screen in the MCU

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), multiple characters boast both independent narrative arcs and interdependent fates. Heroes you would never expect to cross paths wind up side-by-side in combat; heroes you would expect to see come together failed to converse on-screen, leading up to and throughout Avengers: Endgame. 

MCU Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige
President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

While this should come as no surprise when taking into account how expansive the Marvel landscape is, certain characters — given their respective histories and appearance frequency — seem destined for run-ins. However, it just so happens that — even if you’re a primary hero whose influence over the sequence of events ranks high up on the list — you may not get to converse with Captain America. 

Doctor Strange and Captain America do not interact on-screen in the MCU 

A fan recently took to Reddit, noting, “I still find this weird that these two [Captain America and Doctor Strange] never interacted on screen.” Upon this realization, fans chimed in to note that they were on the same team in Civil War; however, likely due to scheduling conflicts, Strange is not present in Civil War. The first Doctor Strange movie and Captain America: Civil War premiered in the same calendar year, which could explain Strange’s absence in the grand internal battle. 

As for Avengers: Endgame, the movie had to close many arcs with grandeur, and the writers only had so many opportunities to show different characters interacting. The run-time was already quite long and, considering most of the cast did not appear until the very end of the movie, squeezing in unnecessary conversations — for fan satisfaction and the correction of oddities that do not weaken the narrative— was probably not high up on the list. 

As for Strange’s other appearances, he boasts a standalone installment, a post-credits scene in Ragnarok, and an Infinity War role. Meaning, Rogers and Strange only really had one other opportunity to interact (Infinity War), and they were battling in places far, far away from one another. While fans would have loved to see these two characters interact on-screen, as their exchange would have been quite interesting given their contrasting personalities, yet somewhat overlapping worldviews, this dynamic remains up to fans’ imaginations. 

Will ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ present an opportunity for Strange to interact with Rogers? 

Rumor has it that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will resurrect a few Avengers, and possibly even show a few X-Men — from multiple realities (Fox’s former interpretations) — popping up on the screen. In another world, a young Captain America could be running around wild and free…

Though the multiverse will “crack” open the MCU, as Kevin Feige explained, Captain America’s entrance is no more than a pipedream at this time. The likelihood of Chris Evans putting on that skintight suit one last time for the fans doesn’t seem high at this given moment; however, who knows what the future holds. Could we somehow get a 50-year-old Cap in a future narrative — a wise, middle-aged man played by an Evans ready for the “one last time” moment?