These Were Sandra Oh’s Best Roles Since Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Sandra Oh recently made headlines when she was selected to host the Golden Globes alongside Andy Samberg. If you didn’t know Oh before the buzz surrounding the ceremony you definitely knew her after. If you tune into ABC’s hit show Grey’s Anatomy you were definitely already quite acquainted with the award-winning celeb.

Oh starred as Dr. Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy. Her unforgettable performances across ten straight seasons netted the Canadian star a Golden Globe, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and a handful of Emmy nominations. With such riveting performances spanning nearly a decade, what other coveted roles has the actress landed since leaving Grey’s Anatomy in 2014?

Kathy in ‘Shitty Boyfriends’ (2015)

Shitty Boyfriends is a web-series that was produced by Lisa Kudrow from Friends and Dan Bucatinsky from Scandal. The two masterminds got together to create a relatable comedy about a girl who really “knows how to pick ’em.” The story follows feminist and up and coming cartoonist Amanda as she struggles to land a decent man. Where does Oh fit into the story?

Oh plays the role of a ruthless boss lady, Kathy. Despite being a “background” character, Oh’s on-screen presence captivated viewers leaving them not just wanting, but needing more. Their prayers were answered — Oh appears in six out of the eight episodes as the fashion-forward badass boss.

Ava in ‘Meditation Park’ (2017)

Meditation Park is a beautiful drama about an aging woman who begins to question her life choices due to rising suspicions about her husband’s affair. It’s a powerful film that tugs at the heartstrings as viewers go along for the ride. The film won Best Narrative from CAAMFest, a testament to its storytelling. It also received a rare 100% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

While Oh may not have received any awards for her performance, the movie certainly wouldn’t be the same without her. She fulfills the role of Maria’s daughter Ava, a driving force that encourages her mother to not just seek but to enjoy her newfound independence. The film truly is a tearjerker that instills hope as viewers watch a grandmother discover a new lease on life.

Want to judge Oh’s performance for yourself? Meditation Park is currently streaming on Netflix.

Eve Polastri in ‘Killing Eve’ (2018)

Sandra Oh in Killing Eve

Sandra Oh in Killing Eve | Sophie Mutevelian/BBC America

Oh blew viewers away as MI5 officer Eve Polastri in the thriller adaptation of Luke Jennings novella series, Killing Eve. The show follows Polastri as she pursues assassin, Villanelle played by Jodie Comer. Both the fans and critics response to Killing Eve has been incredible. The internet’s rating for the show are also impressively high — a 97% on the Tomatometer. Killing Eve has received 24 nominations and four awards, another testament to just how amazing the show really is.

Oh didn’t just host the Golden Globes this year, she was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series for her work on Killing Eve. She won, dominating the competition. Her captivating portrayal of Polastri has also landed her several awards and nominations across the board. Oh received the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series and the TV Performance of the Year Award (Actress) from the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association. Recently she even took home a Critic’s Choice Award.

Without a doubt, Killing Eve is Oh’s next Grey’s Anatomy and will be replacing it as her most beloved role. Fans can rejoice as the show was renewed for a second season and will be coming to BBC America later this year!

For those who haven’t seen Oh’s incredible performance yet, Killing Eve is available for streaming on Hulu.