Weird Things Celebrities Have Said About Filming Their Sex Scenes

Many actors refuse to get naked in front of a camera. After all, when you’re a celebrity, it can be hard enough to maintain your privacy in other areas of life. But another reason actors avoid filming sex scenes is because pretending to have sex for a film can be an awkward experience.

What we see as a private moment is really awkwardly staged in front of cameras and crew members. Despite the cons, many actors will film sex scenes for the sake of their art (or a fat paycheck). These actors and actresses shared about pretending to do the deed in front of a camera. (Neil Patrick Harris’ on-screen lover dishes on filming an awkward sex scene on page 9.)

1. Julia Roberts on Pretty Woman

Actress Julia Roberts

Actress Julia Roberts smiles at the 69th Cannes Film Festival. | Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images

She said: 

I had never done this kind of stuff before … They’d say “kiss” and I’d get hives.

But the funny thing is that we’d become such a family, this particular crew, we became so close to one another that by the time a scene like this came up — everyone knowing the way that I felt and you know my value ideas about it and then my own personal ideas about it and my problems with it — that by the time we got down to anything that was a bit scary everybody was more nervous about it than I was.

Pretty Woman was Julie Roberts’ first foray into a sexier movie involving intimate scenes. She and co-star Richard Gere received many accolades and became a legendary on-screen couple.

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