15 Weird Things Celebrities Have Said About Filming Their Sex Scenes

Quite a few actors refuse to get naked in front of a camera; they want to keep some parts of themselves private. After all, when you’re a celebrity, it can be hard enough to maintain a sense of privacy. But another big reason actors avoid filming sex scenes is because pretending to have sex for a film can be a very awkward experience.

What we see as a private moment between two people is really awkwardly staged in front of cameras, bright lights, and crew members. Despite the downsides, many actors will film sex scenes for the sake of their art (or a fat paycheck). So what did some of these actors say about filming sex scenes? These 15 actors shared about pretending to do the deed in front of a camera.

15. Michael Douglas on Romancing the Stone

Actor Michael Douglas and actress Kathleen Turner

Actor Michael Douglas and actress Kathleen Turner smile at an event. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AFI

Michael Douglas starred with Kathleen Turner in the 1984 action movie Romancing the Stone. Unfortunately, the then-39-year-old actor experienced a common middle-age problem during a sex scene. Douglas told Entertainment Tonight, “We were twisted a certain way in lighting it — I saw it, it was really beautiful, sensual, sexy, looks gorgeous — I started getting a back spasm from one way from staying in one position take after take. And I got a lot of ribbing on that one.”

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