Weird Things Celebrities Have Said About Filming Their Sex Scenes

Many actors won’t get naked on-camera. After all, it’s hard to maintain privacy as a celebrity. Another reason actors avoid filming sex scenes is because pretending to have sex in front of cameras and crew members can be awkward.

Despite the cons, many actors will film sex scenes for the sake of art (or a fat paycheck). The following actors shared weird things about pretending to do the deed on-camera. (Neil Patrick Harris’s co-star dishes about their “inappropriate” sex scene on page 9.)

1. Elizabeth Berkeley: ‘I was appreciated by the crew.’

Elizabeth Berkley signing autographs

The Showgirls actress signs autographs. | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

She said: “I was appreciated by the crew. They gave me tips out of their per diem … But I gave it back.”

The star of the 1995 erotic drama Showgirls was straightforward with the crew, as she told David Letterman. On the first day of filming, Berkeley acknowledged how much of her body they’d see for the next four months of filming, and told them “they’d better get used to it.”

Playing a stripper-turned-showgirl felt so comfortable, it seems, Berkeley jokingly said she received “tips” from the crew during her performances. That’s awkward.

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