5 Things We Learned From the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Trailer

There have been many canceled shows that got a second life on Netflix. However, Gilmore Girls might be one of the more surprising ones because it has been nine years since the show ended. The show has a die hard fandom that never really got the ending they deserved. A big reason for that is that the creators of the show left before the last season and didn’t write it.

Well now it’s back and a trailer has finally aired for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Before the trailer was released we only got a few hints at what was to come with promo photos, but we now have a better picture of what we’re in for through the show’s trailer. The good news is that it feels like the same show and our characters are going to be going through big changes. So what are we in for? Here are five things we learned from the trailer.

1. Emily is going through crazy changes as she’s grieving

Gilmore Girls

Kelly Bishop in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life | Netflix

Emily Gilmore is usually all about being put together and refined unless something terrible has happened. In the past, we saw her drunk, smoking, and not washing up, after she comes across a letter Richard’s mother wrote that tore her down. Well it looks like we won’t get the same type of break down after Richard’s death, but she does go through some changes.

This includes Emily wearing a Candie’s T-shirt, pearls, and jeans. An outfit that she probably otherwise would never entertain wearing. She also makes a massive portrait of Richard that is pretty over-the-top. She then literally cleans house. This will definitely be a new stage of Emily’s life. So many years have been spent in the role of “wife,” which she has revealed was actually pretty limiting. Now we get to see Emily try new things as a widow.

2. Lorelai and Luke are very much together


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life | Netflix

This has been the big question for fans because the love story of Luke and Lorelai has been a slow burner story from the start of the show. We leave off in Season 7 with them falling back in love with each other. However, the audience never got the wedding they were dreaming of. So what are these two doing now?

It looks like Luke might have moved in already. There is a scene of Luke, Lorelai, and Rory in the kitchen, which is actually full of real food. Something that could only happen if Luke is there to cook. However, there is no evidence yet that they got married. The trailer also shows that things might be stale between the two. Lorelai is seemingly talking to a therapist saying, “We’re happy. Luke and I are happy,” however she says this with a furrowed brow as if something is still missing.

3. Rory is on the road to finding herself

Gilmore Girls | Entertainment Weekly

Gilmore Girls | Entertainment Weekly

Since day one Rory has been trying to become a successful journalist. This required her to study, get into the right school, and then try to find the right job. However, this might finally be when Rory stops planning and starts really searching to figure out her future.

We see her having drinks with Jess and saying, “I have no job, I have no credit, I have no underwear,” in what seems like an office. Perhaps she was working at a newspaper that folded. Perhaps she just decided to quit after being unhappy. Either way, she decides to live like a “vagabond,” a plan which includes seeing the rest of her ex-boyfriends.

4. The Gilmore Guys will have a cameo

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life | Netflix

If you have been hanging onto your love for Gilmore Girls then chances are you have been listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast. They have gotten a huge amount of success and even got one-on-one interviews with many people from the show, including actor Scott Patterson. They have joked about being in the show’s new episodes, but never confirmed. However, you can catch them really quickly on their phones in the background of a scene in the trailer.

5. Lane is back to playing the drums

Gilmore Girls

Keiko Agena in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life | Netflix

Many fans love Lane and therefore hate how her story turned out. It seemed like she would be stuck in Stars Hollow raising her twins after having bad sex once, rather than living on the road. However it seems like there is a glimmer of hope! We see Lane back at it with her drums in the trailer so perhaps she is still able to play in some capacity. As long as the new episodes are able to show her being happy, fans might feel better about how things turned out.

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