5 Things We Wanted to See in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

If you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame — actually, even if you haven’t — you know that a lot happens. It’s over three hours long, and even then, it never actually feels like a slow-paced film. It’s hard to understate the amount of action, dialogue, and character arcs that occur in the movie. Of course, we can’t get everything that we want out of any movie, and Endgame is no exception. Below is this author’s personal wishlist of what I wish had made it into the flick. (I tried to avoid the biggest ones, but there are some spoilers ahead.)

What happened to Valkyrie during Infinity War?

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Heading into Endgame, we knew that Valkyrie survived the snap, meaning she would almost definitely appear in the film. We were pleasantly surprised to find that she got a couple of lines — even that seemed like a lot for such a jam-packed film.

But wait a second — how did Valkyrie even get to Earth? Where was she during the Decimation? When was New Asgard established? I’d watch a whole movie answering all of these questions, especially if it featured her Korg and Meek as her sidekicks.

A scene where Cassie explained the Decimation to Scott

The first scene to really have me in tears while watching Endgame was when Scott Lang, out of the Quantum Realm five years post-snap, searches desperately to find his daughter, Cassie. Their reunion was a beautiful one, and I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of it, seeing as how their relationship has been at the core of the Ant-Man films.

I know, this is the story of how the Avengers take down Thanos, but there were plenty of little side conversations that didn’t have to happen. Why couldn’t we have seen Cassie explaining the state of the world to her dad, while Paul Rudd cracks some of his signature jokes? I think I would have preferred this to the group therapy led by Cap, if I’m being real.

The true romance of the MCU

Here’s where I’m going to lose a lot of you. I’m not a huge fan of any of the canon romances in the MCU — even Pepper Potts and Tony Stark are just meh in my opinion. But there’s one relationship that has stood the test of almost 100 years and is, arguably, the strongest shown on screen. I’m talking, of course, about Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.

Yes, I know that in the comics, there’s nothing romantic between these two at all. But the fact is, I never saw anything beyond an initial spark between Steve and Peggy. And while she is obviously always on his mind (I’m not saying he can’t have two love interests, after all), who is the motivation for his actions in nearly every other film? That’s right, Bucky.

Who does he seek to avenge in The First Avenger? Who does he decide to search for, even after he burns him, in The Winter Soldier? And who does he defend, against all reason, over and over in Civil War? Sure, maybe they’re just friends, but every time these two are on screen together, each glance and touch is filled with emotion. I’m telling you, this is the MCU’s greatest romance.

M’Baku, where are you?

I know there wasn’t time for every character, but one missing person in particular really bugged me. As far as the audience knows, M’Baku, a leader in the Wakandan army, survived the snap: Last we saw him, he was on the battlefield as his fellow soldiers disappeared around him.

Okoye also survived, and we did get a very small amount of screentime with the Dora Milaje warrior. But um… what about M’Baku? Was he carrying out orders in Wakanda that she relayed to him from Black Widow? Did he take on the ranking of king for the five years that T’Challa was dust? Winston Duke was severely underutilized here, and my justification is that maybe he was filming Us at the time — which is a totally acceptable reason to miss out.

Honestly, just more women

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Look, we all know that, when it comes to the superhero genre in general, the scales aren’t exactly balanced in terms of accurate representation. Yes, Marvel has done a better job over the past couple of years increasing the number of women on screen (and giving them meatier roles as opposed to relegating them to love interests). But, if I’m being honest, it’s still not enough.

Black Widow and Nebula are the only women to get their own plotlines in Endgame. Nebula’s is, in my opinion, a great continuation of her character arc, comparing her to the original Nebula we met in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy in the most in-your-face way possible. But when it comes to Black Widow — well, let’s just say they could have done better. I do think that sacrificing herself made sense, but there are already so many more male Avengers — why kill off the single woman who makes up the original group?

Characters like Carol Danvers, Okoye, and Valkyrie were absolutely underutilized. The first two are, almost definitely, going to be getting quite a bit more screentime in the future. And, if the rumors are true, Valkyrie’s got her own thing in the works (crossing all of my fingers and toes for this one). As I’ve said, I get that this was meant to wrap up the stories of the longest-standing characters more than anything else, but I really would have appreciated more estrogen on screen.

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