This 1 Storyline Would Upset ‘This Is Us’ Fans More Than Anything Else

Out of all characters to root for in NBC’s This Is Us, Toby and Kate are ones all fans of the show want to see stick together. The reasons are because they’re absolutely charming together when things are going well and they aren’t arguing with one another. They also seemed to have a lot in common until the disparity of Toby working out and losing weight and Kate continuing to gain weight.

Some other issues might be bringing some roadblocks. As a result, it has the show insinuating their marriage could be in trouble.

Nevertheless, this might be a ruse since This Is Us doesn’t always give pat outcomes to everything. Marriage in TiU mimics the real world and akin to reflecting marriage complexities as seen in the recent Oscar favorite Marriage Story.

How much would it upset fans if Toby and Kate split?

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The only clue available to Kate and Toby possibly staying together was the flash-forward seen recently when the family is around Rebecca’s deathbed. In the scene, there are references to Kate and Toby maybe being there, if not seen together.

There’s all possibility they’re still together in the future, albeit no evidence available (yet) they still are when their son, Jack Damon, becomes a pop star. Like even Randall and Beth, things might turn volatile once in a while, but thanks to marriage therapy, they may be able to find solutions eventually.

As many on Reddit point out, no fan really despises Kate, outside of her clearly having some issues in communicating well with people. Most people say it’s a result of her losing her dad at a young age and a sometimes touchy relationship with her mom.

All of this can easily shape how a person communicates with their significant others later in life.

It’s more than possible Toby understands this in Kate, hence why he’s staying by her side for now. Regardless, viewers did see him recently question whether she was getting anything of value out of their marriage.

Will the two reconnect in losing weight together?

One of the main things initially connecting Toby and Kate was the fact they both were overweight and had insecurities about it. Connecting on an emotional level like this is the first step to solid marriages since emotion is a big factor in staying close.

Now with Toby working out more and managing to lose weight while Kate hasn’t, audiences are seeing one of the things bringing them together dissolve. It’s a good time, though, to see what else connected them beyond weight problems.

No one can doubt they both had similar personalities when they first met, including sarcastic personalities. Plus, they both had ambitious career hopes, with Toby already working for a tech company and Kate having celebrity assistant experience with her brother, Kevin.

Later, everyone saw Toby amazed at Kate’s singing ability, another career ambition for her.

Having a child with special needs, however, has also been a big strain as it is on any family. Clues in the fast-forwards seem to indicate there might be a breakup somewhere along the line, if only temporary.

The affair with Gregory fear is still out there

With the recent friendly flirting with Gregory (Toby and Kate’s stroke survivor neighbor), it still has fans wondering if the temporary breakup will be happening soon. Gregory and Kate seem to have a bit in common themselves in dealing with tough life issues.

Maybe they’ll have a brief affair that tears everything up until Kate realizes it’s a mistake.

Or, there could be a revelation Toby ends up having an affair first since there have already been some hints he’s on the verge of it now. Just like in the recent film Marriage Story, Kate and Toby may realize later how much of a mistake it would be to break up considering their son is everything.

Sometimes breaking up is still inevitable, unless both can perpetually see eye to eye on the same life goals. Perhaps audiences will see Kate fully thin in a future flash-forward, having finally caught up with Toby in realizing their health is equally as important as raising their future famous son.