This ’90s Throwback Video Shows Alex Rodriguez Dreaming About Dating Jennifer Lopez

It’s no secret that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are the hottest couple in Hollywood. Their red-hot romance is the envy of many – they are wealthy, successful, attractive, and, of course, devoted to each other.

Although they only started dating a few years ago, a recently unearthed video clip reveals that Alex Rodriguez has had his eyes on J-Lo since well before they first crossed each other’s paths.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez | Andrew Toth/Getty Images

When did Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez start dating?

Jennifer Lopez had recently split up with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Casper Smart when she ran into baseball pro Alex Rodriguez in 2017. Although the two had first met in 2005, they were both married at the time, so clearly they did not pursue a romantic relationship. This time, things were different and Rodriguez wasn’t about to let Lopez slip away.

They started dating and soon, were seen all over town together. Rodriguez would attend Lopez’s concerts, supporting her from the front row. They wowed their fans with lots of adorable social media snaps.

Everyone was wondering when the photogenic couple would make things official with an engagement, but it seemed as though they weren’t in any hurry. After all, they are mature adults with children and previous relationships under their belts, with nothing to prove to anyone. Rodriguez and Lopez did things on their own terms and ended up becoming engaged while on a grand vacation to the Bahamas.

Did Alex Rodriguez want to date Jennifer Lopez decades ago?

If Alex Rodriguez’s younger self could look ahead and see that he would end up engaged to Jennifer Lopez, he would likely be rendered speechless. A video from 1998 has just turned up on the internet, featuring an adorable Rodriguez on the cusp of his baseball career.

In the clip, a reporter asks Rodriguez what a dream date for him would be. Rodriguez, without hesitation, answers, “Jennifer Lopez. Hopefully, you can get me a date with her.” Lopez was a huge star in 1998 already, renowned for her catchy dance music and big-budget films like Anaconda and Selena

Rodriguez himself shared the video on his Instagram page, captioning it “I just had a feeling.” Lopez responded with an “OMG,” and thousands of fans got in on the love as well, sharing their good wishes for the couple on the post. It’s almost too romantic to be true, but life works in strange ways – it certainly did in the case of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s love story!

When will Lopez and Rodriguez get married?

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With Lopez embarking on her “It’s My Party” tour, designed to celebrate her upcoming 50th birthday at concert venues all across the States, it is unlikely that she will tie the knot with her baseball player fiance until later this year at least. Lopez herself admitted in a recent interview that she hasn’t had much time for wedding planning, but has looked at various things like dresses and venues. She said that since they look at their upcoming nuptials as “a forever thing,” they are resisting the urge to feel pressured into anything. 

One thing that is certain, in regards to their wedding – the couple will definitely involve their children in some way. Lopez shares twins with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, while Rodriguez has two daughters from his previous marriage. Lopez has stated that the kids get along beautifully and that everyone loves each other. Could the couple decide to welcome a child of their own together? Only time will tell, but sources say that it’s definitely a possibility.

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