This British Royal Family Member Refuses To Watch Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

If you’re obsessed with the royal family and Queen Elizabeth II’s near 70-year reign, then chances are you’ve watched Netflix’s acclaimed drama, The Crown. The series follows the Windsor family from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s wedding onward. The show reveals intimate details about the royal family’s life, as well as the political state of Britain beginning just after World War II.

The series is said to be mostly accurate, and with a stellar cast and a slew of awards, the show is not ending anytime soon. It might seem a tad odd for members of the royal family to watch reenactments of their personal lives on TV. Still, most of the Windsors aren’t opposed to The Crown, but there is one royal who refuses to give the series a chance.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II | Michael Ukas /Pool /Getty Images

The queen has no issue with The Crown. In fact, she’s seen every episode of Season 1 and has given the series her blessing. Apparently, she was convinced by her youngest son, Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex, to give the show a chance and she found it thoroughly entertaining.

According to The Daily Express, “She really liked it, although obviously there were some depictions of events that she found too heavily dramatized.”

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Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, and Countess Sophie of Wessex

Britain`s Prince Edward accompanied by his fiance Sophie Rhys-Jones ride in the Queen Mother`s carriage

Prince Edward and Countess Sophie | Martyn Hayhow/AFP/Getty Images

Both Prince Edward and his wife, Countess Sophie, are avid fans of The Crown. In fact, they convinced the queen to watch the series with them every week.

An insider told The Daily Express, “Edward and Sophie love The Crown. It has been a long-standing arrangement that they drive to Windsor at the weekend to join the queen for an informal supper while watching TV or a film. They have a Netflix account and urged her to watch it with them.”

We’re not sure if the royal couple has gotten the queen to watch Season 2 just yet, but we would imagine watching some of the more intimate parts of your parents (and parents-in-law) lives might feel a tad awkward.

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Princess Eugenie

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie arrive to call on Minister David McAllister of Lower Saxony on January 18, 2013 in Hanover, Germany.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Bride-to-be Princess Eugenie is gearing up for her own royal wedding, but that hasn’t stopped her from watching The Crown. The Daily Express reported that in 2017, the princess was overheard at a party saying, “The music is wonderful; the story is beautiful, and you feel very proud to watch it.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Princess Eugenie continues to enjoy the series as it moves toward the present day. After all, her parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York were involved in quite a few scandals over the years. There’s no word if her sister, Princess Beatrice, also watches The Crown.

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Zara and Mike Tindall

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 14: Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall attend the Magic Millions Raceday on January 14, 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Jason O'Brien/Getty Images)

Zara and Mike Tindall | Jason O’Brien/Getty Images

The queen’s granddaughter, and daughter of Anne, The Princess Royal, Zara Tindall, also watches The Crown religiously with her husband, Mike Tindall. The couple is reportedly “addicted” to the show, so we’re sure that they are all caught up through the second season.

The Daily Express reported that Mike has said, “She’s brilliant, the one who plays the Queen. I think it’s a great show in terms of how they delivered it.”

Now that Claire Foy is being replaced with actress Olivia Colman for Season 3 of The Crown, we wonder if the Tindalls will continue watching the show.

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Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg

Prince Philip

Prince Philip | Yui Mok/AFP/Getty Images

There is one royal family member who absolutely refuses to have anything to do with The Crown, and it could be because he isn’t painted in the very best light on the show. It looks like Prince Philip won’t even be logging into Netflix to catch a dramatic reenactment of his younger days.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Matt Smith who plays the duke during the first two seasons of The Crown revealed that Prince Philip has no interest in the series at all. According to Smith, a close friend of his had dinner with the royals, and Prince Philip asked him, “What do you do? Are you involved in this Crown thing?”

The friend later asked, “Philip, I’m just wondering, because I have some friends who made The Crown, have you watched any?” The Duke of Edinburgh reportedly said, “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Honestly, from what we’ve seen on The Crown, this is the answer we expected the duke to give. Smith captured the duke’s personality perfectly on the show.

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Prince William

Prince William and Kate Middleton visit the University of St Andrews

Prince William and Kate Middleton | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

As the second-in-line for the throne, Prince William’s pretty much mastered that neutral royal flair of never revealing his true feelings. However, actress Alicia Vikander did reveal that she chatted with the Prince of Wales about The Crown at a reception dinner in early 2018.

Speaking with Norwegian talk show host Fredrik Skavlan, Vikander said, “Well, I’ve seen The Crown. It was actually the first thing my friend and I started talking about with William. Apparently, he’s a Game of Thrones fan, I was told.”

According to Vikander, the prince had nothing negative to say about the series, so he may have seen an episode or two. However, we doubt he and his wife Duchess Kate Middleton have had much time to watch anything. In between their royal duties, they are also raising two toddlers, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and they are preparing for the arrival of their third bundle of joy.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave Social Bite cafe in Rose Street

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

At present, Prince Harry is deep in wedding arrangements with his fiancé actress, Meghan Markle. However, we hope they find some time to sit down and watch The Crown. After all, Markle could learn a ton about protocol, marriage in the royal family, and mastering nerves of steel like the queen.

It could be a supplementary assignment to her ongoing princess lessons.

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