This BTS Member is the Most Preferred Korean Idol in 2019

BTS has been at the top of their game for the past few years, so it’s not surprising that they are seeing good results when it comes to many year-end lists.

Every year, Gallup carries out several surveys to determine which K-Pop idols are the most well-liked among the Korean public. With BTS’s immense popularity, one BTS member ranks at No. 1 this year on Gallup’s 2019 Preferred Korean Idols list. Read on below to find out who it is and where the other members also landed.

Jimin is the top idol among the Korean public in 2019

BTS's Jimin performs at the 102.7 KIIS FM Jingle Ball
Jimin of BTS | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for iHeartMedia

BTS has many talented and well-known members, but it seems that Jimin is the one who most people have been paying attention to. The 24 year old is known as one of the dancers of BTS, and he has been regarded as one of the top dancers in K-Pop in general.

According to Gallup’s surveys, Jimin is popular among several different demographics. He is No. 1 among females in the 13-18 and 19-29 age groups. He is also No. 1 for males ages 13-18 as well as No. 2 for males ages 19-29. Overall, he is chosen as the most preferred idol for 19.1 percent of Koreans aged 13 to 29 years old.

Interestingly, Jimin was No. 1 as well in surveys conducted in 2018. Back then, he was the most preferred idol among 12.8 percent of Korean people ages 13 to 29, which means that his popularity went up by about 6 percent.

Jimin is also the first male idol to have achieved the No. 1 spot. In the past, it mostly belonged to female singers like IU (2015 and 2017) and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (2016).

Other BTS members also have high rankings

Of course, just because Jimin ranks at No. 1 does not mean that he is the only BTS member on Gallup’s year-end list.

Jungkook and V are ranked third and fourth, respectively. Meanwhile, Suga tied with Mamamoo’s Hwasa, ranking ninth and tenth. RM and Chungha are both sitting at 11 and 12. Jin and Kang Daniel are both ranked at 13 and 14.

Unfortunately, J-Hope is the only BTS member to not have made it to the top 20.

BTS consistently ranks as the No. 1 boy band in Korea

With BTS’s huge success, perhaps it is not surprising that they have consistently ranked at the top when it comes to boy bands in Korea.

Every month, the Korean Business Research Institute unveils a list of boy groups in the country who have the highest brand reputation. The ranking is meant to determine which artists are generating the most buzz within a given month based on things like news coverage and social media discussions about them.

As of December 2019, BTS has been the No. 1 group in brand reputation for the past 19 months. Even before then, they still often came in at either No. 1 or No. 2. In an industry where there are a large amount of bands that are just as talented and noteworthy, BTS’s achievement is definitely an impressive one.

BTS outsells a lot of popular American artists as well

While BTS’s influence in the Korean music industry is surely remarkable, it’s even more interesting when we look at where they rank among mainstream American artists.

BTS does not actually get much radio airplay in America, so to many people, the group does not feel like it can be on the same level as artists like the Jonas Brothers, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande. However, a report published by Market Watch earlier this year showed otherwise.

BTS actually sold more albums in the U.S. than the aforementioned artists. They also sold 100,000 more tickets at their Rose Bowl concert than Taylor Swift did at hers.

Clearly, BTS is not just taking Korea by storm, but the guys are also a real international phenomenon.