This Cardiologist Thinks Joe Rogan Panders to Meat Companies

Joe Rogan frequently discusses optimal nutrition on his show, and this topic naturally tends to wind up touching on vegans and vegetarians from time to time. Rogan, while a willing listener when it comes to these ideas, doesn’t espouse them himself. In fact, Rogan is known to enjoy hunting his own meat. 

However, one cardiologist who has been on The Joe Rogan Experience in the past is now claiming that Joe Rogan is essentially funded by meat companies.

Is Joe Rogan backed by meat?

Dr. Joel Kahn is a cardiologist who believes in plant-based diets and lifestyles. He appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast in the past, during which they discussed a variety of topics ranging from The Game Changers documentary to veganism writ large. 

Now, Kahn is claiming that Joe Rogan is in fact backed by meat companies, and very biased as a result. Kahn told Plant Based News, “I admire Joe Rogan for his energy and his success. He looks older than his age. He is funded by meat companies on his podcast; they’re his number one sponsor.”

He added, “I mean, you’ve got to look at where the man’s perspective is. And to give him credit, he eats green smoothies for breakfast, he eats vegetables with every meal, he walks a better talk than you might expect from that backlash.” Kahn went on to say, “But it does threaten his audience, or at least his audience expects him to push back. So he’s playing the role that his large platform of largely meat-heavy listeners is going to expect and he did it great because he wants to keep that thing rolling.”

Kahn believes that Rogan is approaching plant-based diets and science from the wrong perspective. He said, “What Rogan and Kresser wanna do basically was just anything old in science was worthless. That is a wrong concept. Anything from epidemiology was wrong, except here’s Chris Kressen using epidemiology, but when I use it it’s wrong.”

Fans react

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Reactions to the video were mixed. Some fans are very supportive of Joe Rogan’s diet and opinions when it comes to veganism and vegetarianism, while others seemed to feel a little suspicious.

One YouTube user wrote, “I love Joe and his capability to learn and hold conversations with anyone. I’m a huge fan in that regard. Is he biased? Yes, we all are to an extent. But I do agree he looks kind of swollen, and not from working out.”

Another added, “‘Joke Rogan’ needs to stop promoting good news about people’s bad habits. A person with as much influence as he has needs to get it right.”

Some users thought the claims Kahn made against Joe Rogan were a little unreaonable. One wrote, “He keeps saying that Joe looks older for his age but Joe is 52 years old I think he looks pretty good for his age.”

Another added, “That’s a very slanderous statement to say JRE is sponsored/funded by meat companies without any evidence whatsoever.”

RZA schools Donnell Rawlings on veganism

This isn’t the only instance of the vegan and vegetarian debate being brought up on The Joe Rogan Experience. In fact, far from it. Even just recently, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan fame appeared on the show, and dropped some knowledge on how he sees veganism. 

He told Donnell Rawlings, “To be honest with you bro, I’ll just hit you with this right here. The reality of how I feel is that no animal needs to die for me to live, okay? My son turned 14 this year, never had a piece of meat in his life. He can go do eight pull-ups right now. My oldest son hasn’t had meat in his life — he can bench over 200 pounds, ok? Six foot two, eight pack, he can play guitar, piano, great memory.”

RZA concluded, “The point being made to you is that I could look at my household as a living example that you don’t need that to live.”