This Crazy ‘Stranger Things’ Theory Predicts a Major Season 3 Death

Stranger Things 3 hasn’t started production yet. But fans are already speculating about what new horrors await our favorite Hawkins residents.

One issue, in particular, is on our minds: Will we lose any new characters to the Mind Flayer and its minions? A wild fan theory hones in on a detail so small, so seemingly insignificant, to prove another main character will die.

1. Stranger Things’ previous deaths have gone viral

Bob Newby in Stranger Things

Bob Newby in Stranger Things | Netflix

Fans have made Stranger Things one of the most talked-about TV series on social media. And a lot of the buzz for both seasons centered around one topic: the death of popular characters.

After Bob Newby, Superhero kicked the bucket in season two, fans weren’t shy about mourning him. And when Barb was attacked by the demogorgon in season one, her untimely demise became one of the most meme-able moments of 2016.

Even minor characters’ deaths have spurred discussion by fans.

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2. Fans have paid homage to more than just the main characters

On 'Stranger Things,' Benny makes Eleven a hamburger

Benny Hammond on Stranger Things | Netflix

Even though Benny only had a few scenes worth of screen time, he made a big impression for some fans. After he was gunned down by government operates, fans on Reddit and Twitter called for #JusticeforBenny.

Though Benny’s death didn’t reverberate quite as loudly in the Stranger Things fandom, it did prove something. Fans notice all the details, big and small, where the series is concerned. And they’ve taken stock of everyone we’ve lost along the way.

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3. No one is safe in Hawkins

At Will's funeral on 'Stranger Things,' attendees had donuts holes and cookies

Death is always around the corner on this show. | Netflix

Stranger Things hasn’t quite reached The Walking Dead levels of character killing. At least, not yet. But in two seasons, the series has managed to kill off some of its most popular characters. Plus, between trips to the Upside Down and widespread destruction at the Hawkins Lab, the series has racked up its fair share of casualties overall.

That trend isn’t likely to stop with Stranger Things 3. It’s pretty much a sure bet that someone will die, whether it’s a veteran character or a newbie. It’s hard to imagine Stranger Things killing off Eleven, or Mike, or Steve. But it is safe to assume that just about anyone could feasibly die.

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4. Fans are speculating about which character will die next

Jim Hopper in Stranger Things 2

Fans are worried about Hopper. | Netflix

Stranger Things 3 probably won’t hit our screens until 2019. So fans are filling the long, Hawkins-less gap in their lives by trying to guess what’s going to happen next.

They’ve got some awesome (and sometimes weird) theories about the Stranger Things’ characters fate. For example, some fans think Dr. Brenner will come back for Eleven, which could put Hopper in danger. Others think Bob Newby will return as a vampire, which could spell doom for Joyce and the Byers.

And one of the more popular theories draws on previous deaths to guess who will die next.

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5. A young character could face an early demise

The kids from Stranger Things 2 trick-or-treating as the Ghostbusters

If this pattern continues, all of our young heroes are safe. | Netflix

On the surface, Benny, Barb, and Bob Newby didn’t have much in common. They didn’t know each other, and they all died in very different ways. However, they did share one quality — their first names all start with the letter ‘B.’ That may not seem like a big deal to casual viewers.

But one fan theory suggests that it’s evidence that anyone with that letter in their name could be a goner. And that gives us a clue as to who might die in Stranger Things 3.

After all, there are only two characters left standing with a B-name: Becky Ives and Billy Hargrove.

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6. Billy is a controversial character

Billy Hargrove on Stranger Things

Billy Hargrove on Stranger Things | Netflix

When he arrived in Stranger Things 2, Billy definitely caused a stir. His bad boy attitude, denim-on-denim apparel, and oh-so-‘80s hair had a significant portion of Hawkins’ women, young and old, swooning over him.

Some fans, on the other hand, aren’t quite as in love with the newcomer. They point to his potential racism, abusive behavior of his little sister, and constant bullying of Steve as evidence that he’s not someone who should be idolized.

So, if Billy does end up dying, a big part of the Stranger Things fan base wouldn’t be too bummed. But would it make sense for him to die?

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7. These deaths would bring about big changes on Stranger Things

Sadie Sink as Max playing an old-fashioned video game machine in Stranger Things 2

What would happen to Max if Billy was the next to die? | Netflix

Stranger Things may kill off some of its characters, but it doesn’t do so indiscriminately. So far, each of the big deaths has had a ripple effect and changed at least one character’s life in a major way.

So, too, would both Becky and Billy’s deaths. If Becky dies, it would put Theresa Ives in danger, and it could mean that Hopper and Eleven have to take care of her. If Billy dies, it would mark a significant change in Max’s life. And it would also, likely, have an impact on Steve.

It’s too early to know if this fan theory holds any water. But it would also make sense in the context of Stranger Things’ bigger story.

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