This ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Just Revealed She’s Pregnant

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is now fully in the swing of Season 16. Expanding families are one of the main storylines, with Owen and Teddy getting acclimated as parents of a new baby, as well as pregnancy announcements from Miranda and Amelia. As life often imitates art, a Grey’s cast member just shared an impending addition to her own family in real life.

"Grey's Anatomy's" Kelly McCreary, Chandra Wilson, and Caterina Scorsone
“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Kelly McCreary, Chandra Wilson, and Caterina Scorsone | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Perfect timing

Caterina Scorsone portrays Dr. Amelia Shepherd on the ABC medical drama. Recently revealing that she’s carrying the baby of Dr. Atticus Lincoln – also known as ‘Link’ – the actress sees her character as being able to take on the challenge at this point in her life, after having come to terms with the loss of a child.

“I think Amelia is more prepared to have a baby now for a lot of reasons. When she and Owen broke up over having or not having kids, she hadn’t had the experience of parenting Leo and Betty,” Scorsone told Refinery29. “She also had a lot of trauma from the loss of baby Christopher that she hadn’t processed. Before they broke up, she wasn’t even able to say his name out loud, let alone share her pain with anyone, including Owen.”

The plot line is perfect timing for Scorsone personally, since she just announced that she is expecting her third child with husband Rob Giles.

Growing as a parent

Scorsone and Giles already have two daughters – Eliza, 7, and Paloma, 2. The Grey’s actress has openly shared that her daughter Paloma – whom she calls ‘Pippa’ – was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Scorsone recently posted a heartfelt Instagram message in honor of Down syndrome awareness month. “A lot of parents who find out their new baby has Down syndrome worry about what the impact of having a child with differences will be on their other kids. They haven’t seen it modeled so they are afraid of it,” she wrote. “I wish I could show everyone the joy and sweetness and love that has expanded and grown in our family since Pippa was born.”

The actress went on to describing the extraordinary bond between her two daughters. “There is no book, or movie, or conversation that I could have with my older daughter that would have taught her the love and perspective that having a sister with differences has,” Scorsone gushed. “The two of them are crazy about each other and the differences give rise to a kind of tenderness I could only have wished for between typical siblings. Pippa is truly the greatest gift I could have given her big sister and I am so deeply grateful that she chose our family to shake up and wake up with her light. “

A holiday-themed announcement

Scorsone chose to have some fun with sharing her happy news about their new addition by posting a pic of her family in full costume for Halloween along with some details in the caption.

“Our Family’s about to get even kookier. #pumpkinintheoven 🎃” she wrote. No word yet on Scorsone’s due date. With her character also pregnant, the actress can truly take on the role of expecting a child.

With all that Amelia has been through, Scorsone sees her as a warrior who is ready to become a strong parent. “She is now thriving and forming bonds and relationships and moving into her identity as a leader in her profession and as a loving and generous mother,” Scorsone said of Amelia. “She has lived a hero’s journey, and even though I’m sure there are bumps and loop de loops ahead, she continues to rise to each new challenge and keep her heart soft and brave and open.”

Fans are sure to watch for the arrival of Amelia’s – and Scorsone’s – new addition!