This Instagram Post Makes Fans Think Jessa Duggar Isn’t as Thrifty as She Used to Be

The Duggars have been gracing TV screens for years thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar first putting their children into the spotlight. The large family of 19 kids abides by ultra-religious beliefs, a strict dress code, bizarre dating rules, and, of course, a strict budget. The Duggars may have money now, but that certainly wasn’t always the case. And on 19 Kids and Counting, we frequently saw them receiving hand-me-downs and heading to the thrift store or bulk stores for all of their needs.

Michelle and Jim Bob have certainly passed their thrifty way of life onto the kids, too. Some fans are starting to think Jessa Duggar is taking a step back from the family’s penny-pinching ways, however. Here’s why.

The Duggars are known for their money-saving tactics

It can be tough for a family to afford one child, let alone 19. But Michelle and Jim Bob employed many money-saving tips over the years to help them stay debt-free. Romper notes that Michelle stated in the past that they had a food budget of $3,000 per month, and they buy the majority of their food items in bulk. This means there’s a lot of canned goods in the Duggar household, of course — but it also keeps costs way down for the family so they can afford to eat.

As for clothing, they love getting thrifty here, too. Romper notes that the Duggar women frequent thrift stores for their outfits — and everything they purchase is modest, of course. And the ladies use thrift shopping as the perfect opportunity to get creative with their style, too. In this video, Jessa explains that Jinger is amazing at pairing different fabrics together, and Jinger also compliments Jessa on her ability to help the boys with their clothing choices, too. “Ninety-five percent of the stuff we wear is thrift shops and consignment shops,” Jessa verifies.

Fans attacked Jessa for buying this ‘expensive’ item

She may have spoken a ton about her money-saving tips in the past, but now, fans are starting to think Jessa has given up her thrifty ways. She recently posted a photo set on Instagram of her son drinking a Starbucks Frappuccino. “First time to get to finish off that vanilla bean Frappuccino. Going for every last drop! He takes after his Mama,” she captioned the post.

Fans were quick to judge Jessa for giving her son, Spurgeon, the drink, however — and many others were confused, as Frappuccinos certainly aren’t cheap. Not only that, but Jessa also got hate from some Instagram users who thought the drink was caffeinated.

Many fans came to her defense about the cost situation, thankfully. “To anyone complaining about the cost. I worked at Starbucks. The price for a grande vanilla bean frapp (seen here) is less than $5,” one user commented. It isn’t your money, your child, or your business. Let people enjoy their lives without being so judgmental.” And another added, “Seriously it’s between 3-5$ and change. If y’all can’t afford that but can afford internet in order to comment and be hateful I feel sorry for you.”

Her latest post shuts down those who think she isn’t thrifty, however

While some may question whether or not Jessa is a lot less thrifty than she used to be, she seemed to shut down the hate with another recent Instagram post. Jessa added a photo of Spurgeon to advertise for a children’s consignment shop, Rhea Lana’s of Northwest Arkansas. “Not a sponsored post, but just want to make other mamas aware — If you want to save big on your kids’ clothing, be sure to carve out time for @rhealanasofnwaNEXT WEEK!!” she captioned the post.

With her fame from TV as well as her hefty social media following, Jessa certainly doesn’t need to be as thrifty as she once was. But she’s certainly a woman who sticks to her roots — and her true fans love her for it, too.

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