This Is How Jill Duggar Teaches Her Kids About Money

These two kids aren’t going to blow their allowance on candy. Jill Duggar is already making sure her two sons, Israel, 4, and Samuel, 2, learn some basic money-management skills, she revealed in a recent Instagram post. The former Counting On star used a recent trip to the store as an opportunity to teach her oldest boy about counting money and budgeting. 

Jill Duggar turns to Dave Ramsey to teach her kids about money 

In the post, the 28-year-old said that she’s using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Jr. program to share important financial lessons with her kids. 

“Forgot milk, so actually had to go into the store before grabbing our pickup order….used the opportunity to let Israel practice counting money and teach a little about budgeting. He’s been loving his #financialpeacejr stuff (not an ad but highly recommend!!)…so this was another great time to talk about money and spending!” she wrote. 

Ramsey is a well-known financial expert who counsels people to live debt-free and practice frugality in order to achieve financial freedom. He’s a Christian, and his “Financial Peace University” course is often offered through churches. The Financial Peace Jr. kit uses activities and rewards to cover four basic money-related concepts: working, spending, saving and giving. 

While Jill and Derick seem focused on teaching their kids smart money lessons, fans have wondered about the couple’s financial stability. They haven’t received a TLC paycheck since leaving Counting On in 2017. Meanwhile, Derick is a full-time law student and they recently bought a new house. Some people are wondering exactly where the couple gets their money

The Duggars are committed to living debt-free 

Coins and hundred dollar bills
Bills and coins | Liu Jie/Xinhua via Getty Images

It’s no surprise that Jill and her family are fans of Dave Ramsey. Her parents embraced debt-free living when she was a child. That meant shopping at thrift stores, buying in bulk, sticking to a budget, and generally living frugally. Now, it seems she — and many of her siblings — are intent on passing on those lessons to her kids. 

Jill’s husband Derick Dillard is working his way through law school by picking up a side gig as a GrubHub delivery driver. Jill has also shared that she shops at consignment sales to get clothes and toys for her boys. Jessa, Jana, and Jinger Duggar have also been spotted hitting thrift stores. And the Duggar family cut costs in other ways too. In July, Jill revealed that she’d visited a hair salon for the first time ever. Cutting their hair at home was one way the family saved money when she was a kid.

The key to living frugally was adjusting expectations, Jim Bob Duggar said in a 2008 interview with Today

“What we’ve done is something that a lot of people don’t want to do,” he said. “It’s not keeping up with the Joneses. We’ve always driven older vehicles; we’ve never bought a new vehicle.”

“We went to a financial freedom seminar when we were young,” Michelle Duggar added. “It was about getting out and staying out of debt. It really is freedom when you’re not under this immense pressure every month.”