This Is How Much Money Beyoncé Is Getting Ready to Make From Netflix

When it comes to pop superstars, few can compete with the power and influence of Beyoncé. The former Destiny’s Child front-woman and mother of three ranks second in all-time Grammy wins and holds the record for the most nominations, with a staggering 63 nods. She has sold millions of albums worldwide and has a huge and loyal fanbase.

With the recent birth of her twins, Queen Bee has been a little quiet. But the release of the Netflix documentary Homecoming and a new album has fired up the beyhive. 

‘Homecoming’ gives fans a rare behind the scenes look

Earlier this year, Beyoncé and Netflix announced that the singer would be releasing a new documentary based on her headlining event at Coachella in 2018. The film, titled Homecoming was released exclusively on Netflix on April 17. While Homecoming showed a lot of behind the scenes footage of the event, Bey gave her fans a little insight about her personal life as well (as well as releasing a surprise 40-track album the day Homecoming was released).

The singer revealed that she was originally scheduled to headline Coachella in 2017. That changed when Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z found out they were expecting. Later, the couple found out that they were having not just one baby, but two babies.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Beyoncé agreed to do Coachella in 2018. This meant she had just a few months to prepare for the show. The singer admitted that the months following her delivery were extremely hard on her physically and mentally – there were days where she wasn’t sure how she was going to make it.

In addition to recovery, the new mom pushed herself to get back into performance shape. This meant extreme diet and exercise. Beyoncé shared her diet which eliminated fish, meat, dairy, carbs, and sugar. She said it was an extremely difficult time and not something she would put herself through again.

Beyoncé made history with her Coachella performance

In 2018, Beyoncé became the first black woman to headline Coachella. The distinction was not something the singer took lightly. Bey took the opportunity to honor historically black colleges and universities by bringing singers, dancers, and musicians from these schools to join her on stage. The singer also invited her sister Solange and husband Jay-Z to perform at the event with her.

Beyoncé created a historic and memorable experience at Coachella. So much so that the event is now deemed as “Baychella” by fans. In Homecoming, Beyoncé highlights the experience and the struggle of the black men and women who were represented by the group that she chose to join her on stage. Homecoming only continued to give fans a deeper appreciation of her work, her performance, and of the people who worked so hard to make the event happen.

How much is Beyoncé’s new Netflix deal worth?

If you didn’t get enough Bey from Homecoming, don’t worry, you’re in luck. Variety is reporting that Beyoncé and Netflix signed a $60 million deal for the singer to create three projects with the streaming giant. Beyoncé was paid $20 million for Homecoming, the first project in the deal.

As of now, there is no information about what the other two projects entail or when they will be released. E! News recently discussed what they hope to see from the deal, noting they would love to see a deeper look into the singer’s personal life as well as a documentary about causes that the couple is passionate about. We can’t say we disagree with those choices and will be anxiously awaiting what’s next.