This Is How You Can Get A Job Working For The British Royal Family

If you’re obsessed with the British Royal Family –but not in a creepy way obviously, and you’re looking for a new job, you should know that the Windsors are always hiring. Though staffers closest to the royals tend to stay in their positions for many years, other positions are always available. Some of the more “elite” positions also pop up from time to time.

Though the royal family seems to be removed from us everyday folks, they are a bit more approachable than you would think. This is how you can get a job working for the British royal family.

Who is eligible to apply?

Like every other job on the planet, you’re going to need to meet some specific requirements to apply work for the British Royal Family. According to the Royals Careers page, you must either be a British citizen or you will have already obtained the legal right to work in the UK. Also, you’re going to need to be able to pass an extensive background check–so if you have a sordid background, or you don’t want anyone poking into your business, this might not be the ideal workplace for you.

Where do royal job interviews take place?

Job interviews for the British Royal family take place at any of the numerous royal residences including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, Sandringham Estate or even Clarence House. As the royal family career page suggests, there is no reason to be overwhelmed or anxious by these spaces. They explained,  “This is nothing to be concerned about or daunted by. As well as being Royal Palaces, the buildings are also everyday workplaces. Although the surroundings may, therefore, be spectacular, you will find the people and the jobs to be quite normal.”

What jobs are currently open?

We know you probably want to be Duchess Meghan Markle’s personal assistant. However, we somehow doubt that job posting is going to land upon the royals career page. However, there are several jobs that currently have openings that might tickle your fancy. St. James Palace is looking for a Head of Learning who will work closely with the Royal Collection Trust to increase awareness about education.

If you adore horses you might want to consider applying to Windsor Castle to be a Remount Trainer and Assistant Stud Groom where you would train young horses and ponies. Or you could even be a hired as a Visitor Services Assistant/Warden at the Palace of Holyroodhouse where you would be responsible for engaging with visitors, answer questions and pretty much be a walking information booth.

Some really amazing benefits

While some of us may consider being around royalty a major benefit of working for the Windsors —there are several significant rewards and benefits from working in the Royal Household. There are competitive salaries, 25 days of leave per year, a pension system,  and catered lunch each day. Also, if your role requires you to live on-site in London, your package will include all meals and subsidized accommodation.

The Royal Household also provides childcare and car leasing vouchers, complimentary tickets for events around London, and extensive employee discounts.

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