This Is Kim Kardashian’s ‘Truck of Her Dreams’

What you may not know about Kim Kardashian is that car enthusiasts follow her not because of her famous husband, style choices, or reality show, but because of all the amazing cars she drives. 

Kardashian has certainly made her mark on the world. She’s well known for the reality show starring all the Kardashians and her mostly impeccable fashion sense. There have been a few occasions when she missed the mark, but for the most part, Kim always stands out in a crowd. 

According to the Mirror, Kanye West bought Kardashian a $240K Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. So what’s the problem?

Turns out that Kim struggles to get in and out of the truck.

Kim Kardashian on the red carpet
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Mercedes Benz G-Wagon

Kardashian had just gotten back from the gym when she found the Mercedes waiting on her, along with a beaming West. 

According to Metro, Kardashian said, “Oh my gosh, I just got out of the gym and was surprised by this new baby. I loved it so much in Miami and I kept on talking about it.”

The reference she made to Miami was about a similar Mercedes that she drove in Florida. 

West must have realized how badly she wanted one and decided to surprise her. Just when you think that men don’t pay attention to the women in their lives, the Gold Digger rapper proves everyone wrong.

It was a bit of a struggle for Kardashian to get into the truck, however. She is only 5’2″, so trying to get into a truck that has an approximate height of 6’4″, it’s going to be a struggle. Especially in heels and a tight dress.

So what’s a girl to do? In this case, she turns to her little sister Kylie Jenner.

Kardashian couldn’t help but bragging when she said, “When you just pull up to your sister’s house to say good morning and you guys have matching neon trucks. Alright, Ky – where are we going today?”

Jenner was able to give her big sister a few pointers. The most important point was to get a stool. 

Of course, West’s romantic streak was not over with the purchase of the Mercedes. At 2 Chainz’s wedding, he was more than willing to lift his wife of four years into the Mercedes, sparing her the possible embarrassment of a mishap with a ton of cameras catching it on film.

Other vehicles

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With a husband who is a famous rapper, and a large fortune of her own, it’s obvious that Kardashian is not going to settle for just one nice car. 

Celebrity Car Blogs reports that Kardashian has a full fleet of cars that includes a Black Rolls Royce Ghost, Mercedes Benz G63, Porsche Panamera, and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Think that’s impressive? It’s not even the icing on the cake.

According to Hot Cars, many of Kardashian’s cars are even better than what Kanye drives. Hot Cars stated, “Her husband was driving a Stirling Moss when he arrived at the Cannes Film Festival, but Kim was cruising around in an SLR while in training gear.” 

Like her sister Khloe, Kardashian also has a Range Rover that costs $180,000. 

No doubt, there are more cars sitting in Kardashian’s garage that not even she remembers. 

Kardashian car misfires

While Kardashian clearly has great tastes in vehicles, her sister Khloe does not. Or she didn’t in one very notable incident, anyway. 

Tired of driving a Range Rover that looked like a Range Rover, Khloe decided to change things up. So did she go with a new paint job? Not exactly.

According to MotorBiscuit, “She sent her Range Rover to West Coast Customs who encased the vehicle in a velvet wrap. Kardashian thinks the wrap makes it look like her Range Rover is snuggled up in a fashionable sweatsuit.”

One can only wonder what happened to the velvety soft wrap when it rains. Perhaps Khloe can have it dry cleaned.