This Is The Absolute Wildest Couple From ‘Married at First Sight’

Fans of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight have seen a few doozies when it comes to couples. From mismatched pairs to heartbreaking fights and head-over-heels new love, the show has no shortage of out-there marriages.

But there’s one marriage from the reality TV series, in which trained experts match strangers together to be legally married without ever seeing one another beforehand, that stands out among all others.

In season six, Dr. Jessica Griffin, one of the show’s experts, met contestant Jon Francetic…as his matchmaker. But after the season ended and Francetic divorced his new wife Molly Duff, Francetic and Griffin made a new kind of connection.

Read on to learn more about the wild pair’s engagement and their new, love-based business.

Married at First Sight sign
‘Married at First Sight’ event sign in Dallas | Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Lifetime

Duff and Francetic struggled with their marriage from the beginning

Francetic was paired with Molly Duff for the sixth season of Married at First Sight. Duff admitted that she wasn’t sexually attracted to her new husband and often distanced herself physically from him. The couple struggled with sexual intimacy and frequent fights.

In one now-infamous clip from the show, Dr. Jessica Griffin called Jon’s wife out for lying after she didn’t tell the truth about the insults she’d hurled during a heated argument. Show producers played a secret recording of Duff’s behavior towards her new husband that showed a darker side of their relationship.

Francetic and Dr. Griffin became a love match after filming wrapped

Francetic and Duff broke up at the end of their season, with Francetic alleging that Duff was emotionally abusive. But Francetic made headlines for a much happier reason in 2018.

After Massachusetts Married at First Sight fans saw Dr. Jessica and Francetic out on a few dates over the summer, the rumors were confirmed on Instagram: The couple was officially an item.

Although some fans expressed concern that the former contestant had struck up a relationship the pair clarified that the Married at First Sight experts do not actually serve as therapists for the participants; they simply do the matchmaking and offer advice. Since they didn’t have a true patient-client relationship, the couple pushed back against any allegations of unethical behavior on Dr. Griffin’s part.

Now, the couple frequently posts pictures of themselves traveling around the world, enjoying life together, and heading out for romantic dates. Both have appeared completely besotted with one another from the beginning of their relationship.

In April, People announced that Dr. Griffin would not be returning to film further seasons of Married at First Sight because of her relationship with Francetic.

The couple is now happily engaged and runs a love advice business

Earlier this year, Francetic announced that he and his former for-TV counselor were newly engaged. The couple showed off engagement pictures at the Grand Canyon, and Francetic raved about his bride-to-be, who is a licensed psychologist, professor, and public speaker with three children.

Their wild romantic experience must have inspired the couple, because they recently launched their own relationship-building business, Love Builder. Their courses and webinars include evidence-based, relationship-strengthening and romance-boosting exercises.