This is the One Thing Ariana Madix from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ is Sick of Talking About

Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules is starting to feel like many career-minded women in their early thirties at a dreaded family gathering. Everyone wants to know more about when you’ll get married and have babies instead of what is next in your career.

Madix has been dating cast member and co-worker Tom Sandoval for a few years. Sandoval, cast member Tom Schwartz and queen bee Lisa Vanderpump recently launched Tom Tom. The hot new gastropub has created quite a buzz and seems to be one of the biggest questions Sandoval is asked during interviews.

While Madix supports Sandoval, she’s grown frustrated with the limited interest in her career direction. She’s asked the typical “when are you getting married and having babies” while Sandoval is asked about his career. And she’s over it.

This is what she gets asked during interviews

Madix described how press interviews typically go when the couple is interviewed together. “When @TomSandoval1 and i do press interviews together, i get asked about babies and he gets asked about TomTom and future career plans,” she tweeted. “I’m putting this out there now: i will walk out of any situation where this happens from now on. I have goals. I work hard. Ask me about it.”

Madix has made it pretty clear on the show she’s independent and happy living with Sandoval. But like many millennial women, she doesn’t need marriage and children to validate her existence. Unfortunately, society hasn’t caught up with this notion.

According to Psychology Today, a number of women in their late twenties feel pressure to succumb to traditional norms. “I feel general pressure because of the obvious reasons: I am in my late twenties and marriage/having a family was always something I’d been ingrained to think (whether by society, pop culture or otherwise) would happen by thirty,” one woman said.

Young women shouldn’t feel pressured

Another woman in her late twenties told Psychology Today she doesn’t know if she’ll ever marry. “Honestly I have no idea if I’ll ever get married. The pressure certainly feels to be mounting at this point in life.”

At 33 years old, Madix is still exploring and developing her career. More women than ever are in the workforce and a significant number of millennial women are delaying marriage. In 1965 the average woman was married by age 21, according to Pew Research Center. But in 2017 that number increased to age 27.

Women also delay having children. Childbirth rate among those in their twenties dropped, but rose for women in their thirties and forties, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

Madix is exactly where she should be right now

Unfortunately, the bartender is constantly surrounded by marriage and babies. The cast is preparing for another wedding, this time Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. Plus Tom Swartz and Katie Maloney-Swartz have been pretty candid about gearing up to start a family very soon.

Madix shared in the past she’s not sure if she’ll ever want kids, Bravo reports. Rather than babies, Madix is more focused on traveling and exploring the world. Plus, she’s shared her fears of childbirth too.

While Sandoval made it clear he wants to become a dad someday, the couple is still young and has plenty of time. So what are Madix’s career plans? She eluded to some “formal announcements” in her tweet. We are all ears!

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