This is the Scrambled Egg Recipe Chrissy Teigen Swears By

Celebrities like Gordon Ramsay and Chrissy Teigen love cooking scrambled eggs. Can you blame them? They don’t require a dozen grocery store aisles’ worth of ingredients, they’re inexpesnsive, and — if you cook them right — they’re deliciously simple.

In a society that prides itself on being able to prepare food quickly, healthfully, and in mass quantities, Teigen’s take on cooking sets her apart from the rest. This is clear when you look closely at her recipe for scrambled eggs — a breakfast staple you’ve probably been making wrong your entire life, it turns out.

Here’s how she cooks them, according to her food blog.

Are Chrissy Teigen’s scrambled eggs better than the rest?

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen | Rich Polk/Getty Images for Viacom

Teigen’s recipe might not be for you if you’re trying to get your eggs done and devoured in a hurry. But she has a different way of preparing them than most recipes you’ve probably followed. Unless you already use cream in your eggs and don’t have them done in five minutes or less. If so, good for you.

All you need, according to Teigen’s not-really-a-recipe recipe, are eggs, half-and-half (Teigen recommends heavy cream, but either works), salt, pepper, and butter.

Teigen claims her scrambled eggs taste “cheesy” even though there isn’t any cheese in them. But there is technically slightly fattening dairy — cream and butter, to be exact. That’s probably how she achieves that desirable mouthfeel and taste without actually adding cheese.

But the ingredients aren’t the only thing that make a good scrambled egg. It’s also about how you prepare them. Teigen’s advice is simple but essential.

Don’t turn up the heat

When you try cooking eggs at high temperatures, you’re more likely to end up with a rubbery, not-at-all-pleasant result. If you want the thick yet smooth scrambled eggs Teigen promises, you’re going to want to keep them on very low heat the whole way through.

Of course, low heat does not cook things as quickly. Which leads to Teigen’s final “rule” for cooking perfect scrambled eggs.

Chrissy Teigen’s final scrambled egg secret: Don’t rush it

Scrambled egg breakfast

Scrambled egg breakfast |

“Low and slow” is apparently the way to go. While you might be used to throwing your eggs onto a skillet and scraping them onto a plate barely five minutes later, that’s not the way Teigen does it. Apparently, one of the best ingredients in scrambled-egg making is a healthy portion of time (that’s time as in duration, not thyme, the herb).

It’s going to take a while — but the wait will probably be worth it. Taste of Home’s Mandy Naglich said it took her eggs 18 minutes to cook, but was surprised how well they turned out after so much time on the stovetop.

Also make sure that you turn off the heat before your eggs are done cooking instead of waiting until they’re done. Eggs continue to cook as long as they’re on direct heat — and your pan will still be hot. Even if it’s not pretty, transfer them from pan to plate as quickly as possible so they don’t accidentally overcook.

There you go. Never eat another runny, rubbery, or cheese-covered scrambled egg as long as you live. You might spend a significant percentage of that life standing over slowly cooking eggs, but hey, at least they’ll taste fabulous.