This Is the Weird Way How the Palace Ensures Nobody Poisons Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II has enjoyed the longest reign of any monarch in Britain’s history and, even at the age of 93, she isn’t slowing down. While it’s clear that she takes very good care of herself and follows a strict daily routine that rarely changes, the queen is also surrounded by people who have her best interests at heart.

The palace staff and security have incredibly intense protocols in place to ensure that Queen Elizabeth is always safe and well-protected. There are even a few measures the palace has in place to protect their monarch and the ways that Queen Elizabeth takes care of herself through a good diet and food safety.

Queen Elizabeth’s long, healthy reign

Queen Elizabeth II attends a State Banquet at the Philharmonic Hall.
Queen Elizabeth II |Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In 1952, Queen Elizabeth assumed the throne at the young age of 25. She took on a great deal of responsibility, which she shouldered in addition to her ongoing duties as a wife and mother.

In the decades since, she has witnessed some amazing moments in history and raised a family that includes four children, and a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her record-breaking reign isn’t just due to good genetics and willpower, however: Queen Elizabeth follows a strict routine that helps to promote health and vitality.

The queen likes to wake up at the same time every morning, and starts her day with some journaling and catching up on world news. She follows the same routine in terms of getting ready for the workday and is religious about getting enough sleep each night. Queen Elizabeth even stays on track with her exercise and has been known to ride horses on her off days and stay toned with lots of brisk walks. 

Queen Elizabeth’s diet rarely changes

Many medical experts believe that good health starts in the kitchen. Queen Elizabeth definitely adheres to that philosophy, and even though she is said to enjoy her meals, she doesn’t like to try many exotic dishes and prefers simple dishes on rotation. She is also big on portion control and eats four small meals every day, without excessive snacking. 

As far as what types of foods Queen Elizabeth enjoys, she eats a lot of grilled fish and lean proteins. She also likes to see lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables on the palace menu and prefers to eat whatever is in season in order to ensure freshness. Still, Queen Elizabeth has a notorious sweet tooth with a special soft spot for chocolate cake. 

Queen Elizabeth also has a strict policy against certain foods. She does not often eat starchy foods such as potatoes or pasta, and will only indulge in those on special occasions, like a palace dinner party. Queen Elizabeth also doesn’t like garlic or onion and has a rule against other members of the royal family eating foods with garlic. 

The palace takes precautions to make sure that Queen Elizabeth is never poisoned

There’s no doubt that Queen Elizabeth is a target, and unscrupulous people wouldn’t hesitate to try and end her reign early. But the palace staff is specially trained to make sure that the queen isn’t in danger of being poisoned.

The staff has several rules in place to ensure her safety, including making a lot of different plates and then choosing one at random to be placed in front of Queen Elizabeth. That way, if someone did try to poison the queen, they would have to poison all of the plates in the kitchen.

Fortunately, Queen Elizabeth is healthy and safe, and royal watchers will hopefully have many more years to enjoy her reign.