‘This Is Us’: 3 Solid Reasons Fans Believe Randall Will Suffer a Massive Mental Health Breakdown This Season

We have seen an abundant amount of Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth Pearson’s (Susan Kelechi Watson) family in season 4 of This Is Us. Fans are beginning to think that there is a reason for their extended screen time. 

Huge discussions are going on surrounding the latest clash between Randall and his mother, Rebecca (Mandy Moore). Fans now believe that Randall is about to go through a huge mental health crisis this season. Read on to find out the three reasons they believe his breakdown is imminent. 

Sterling K. Brown
Sterling K. Brown | Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Randall continually takes on too much for any one person to handle

As the central father figure on the show, Randall carries everyone’s burdens. He stepped up after his father, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), passed away and took care of everyone else except himself. 

He went home from college every weekend to take care of Rebecca and fix things around her house. As an adult, Randall becomes the city councilman so that he can repair everything wrong with the area in which his father grew up.

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“I fear for Randall because between the city councilman job, the issues with Deja and Tess, and now his mom’s memory issues, I think Randall is going to be on the verge of another breakdown coming soon. I think this one will probably be worse than the ones before, too,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

With each new episode, we see something new that Randall is taking responsibility for. It does look like fan theories are highly plausible that this build-up ends in a breakdown.

Randall is refusing treatment for his mental health

Since he was a young child, Randall suffered from anxiety. Kevin (Justin Hartley) often comes to his rescue to help calm him down. Recently, Randall’s daughter, Tess (Eris Baker), went through a panic attack in school. 

Randall was quick to help his daughter, as usual, helping everyone except himself. When Beth suggests she find a therapist for both Randall and Tess, he replied, “I don’t need therapy. I’m good. The best I’ve been in years.” 

Beth argues that he has a hectic work schedule, 10-mile daily runs, and constant nervous knee bouncing. “You know you don’t have to wait for it all to come crashing down to get help,” she insists. “We have resources now and people who are trained to deal with this kind of stuff.” Randall still refuses to get treatment for his anxiety. 

“Yup, especially after the episode when Randall shuts down Beth’s suggestion to find a therapist and her observation that he’s got a lot going on,” one Redditor wrote, agreeing that he is heading towards a breakdown. 

Rebecca’s deteriorating condition will push Randall over the edge

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In the promo for the fall finale of This Is Us, we observe Rebecca getting lost in a park. Randall is becoming increasingly concerned for her well-being. 

We know that Rebecca has been losing things and having more and more “senior moments,” according to Miguel. She had a massive outburst on Randall in the last episode and is oddly obsessed with taking pictures. Something is going on with her, but Randall doesn’t know what, yet. 

“Randall responds the same way Rebecca does when the possibility of a health issue is brought up. They don’t want to deal with it and will pretend it doesn’t exist until it is too big to ignore,” voiced a concerned fan on Reddit. 

It sounds like just as Rebecca’s illness comes out in the open, Randall’s may have to be addressed, too. Find out what happens next on This Is Us on Tuesday at 9 p.m. on NBC.