‘This Is Us’: What’s the Deal with Cassidy? Jennifer Morrison Weighs In

This Is Us has never released a character quite like Cassidy Sharp (Jennifer Morrison). For the past four seasons, the NBC drama introduced characters who had distinct ties with the Pearson family. However, as This Is Us nears its fourth episode of season 4, fans still don’t know too much about Cassidy.

As of now, viewers know Cassidy is connected to Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Nicky (Griffin Dunne). However, the writers seem to be developing the character slowly, week by week. Of course, this means there’s no clear indication of where the story is going.

Recently, Morrison opened up about Cassidy and what fans can expect moving forward. And hopefully, it’s enough to tie viewers over until more is unveiled on This Is Us.

Jennifer Morrison on Cassidy in ‘This Is Us’

Jennifer Morrison as Cassidy, Nick Wechsler as Ryan, This is Us - Season 4
Jennifer Morrison as Cassidy, Nick Wechsler as Ryan on ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

When This Is Us fans meet Cassidy for the first time, we learned the character is an Afghanistan War veteran who is struggling with PTSD when she returns home to her husband, Ryan (Nick Wechsler) and her son, Matty.

“Cassidy is someone who has been self-medicating with alcohol and hides it well,” Morrison confirmed to TV Insider. “But she can’t really hide stuff from her husband.”

Given her backstory, it’s no surprise Cassidy crossed paths with Nicky in the premiere. As you may recall, Nicky is a Vietnam War veteran and he was also left to deal with the personal aftermath of the war.

“No matter what war it is you’ve lived through, you face some of the same challenges when you return home,” Morrison said.

The actress then teased a connection with Kevin, who is also a recovering alcoholic. “There’s a lot of parallels, for sure,” Morrison hinted.

What will happen to Cassidy in ‘This Is Us’ Season 4?

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Nevertheless, it seems like Cassidy’s arc in This Is Us will continue to be a slow burn.

“Because Cassidy doesn’t know where she’s headed, I like not quite knowing where it’s going,” Morrison revealed. “All possibilities are possible in any given moment.”

Morrison also echoed her remarks in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. However, it seems Cassidy’s arc in This Is Us will be more complicated than we might think moving forward.

“I mean, it’s complicated. I know that that’s super-vague, but it is complicated,” Morrison explained. “There’s no clear path to healing, so there’s definitely steps forward and then there’s steps backwards.”

Will Cassidy and Kevin get together on ‘This Is Us’?

For now, it seems Kevin and Cassidy’s relationship is platonic, especially since the latter revealed she wants to get back together with her husband. However, fans still seem to think the two characters will end up dating. Meanwhile, others still believe Cassidy will be the mother of Kevin’s child.

When speaking with EW, Morrison responded to the Kevin and Cassidy fan theory. But, it wasn’t exactly the straight answer we had hoped.

“They’re speculating about any woman who could possibly have logistically had his child,” she laughed. “So I feel like I’m in good company with all the people being speculated about…. They can speculate. There’s nothing more I can say.”

The publication then asked if it felt reductive that fans wonder about Kevin and Cassidy’s future together, given the heavy PTSD storyline. Though, Morrison pointed out the question means her character has depth.

“There is such depth and so many layers and so much honesty to what they’ve written for this character,” Morrison said of showrunners Dan Fogelman, Isaac Aptaker, and Liz Berger.

The actress continued: “No matter where things go in terms of how she ends up fitting into who she knows and how she relates to anyone from the Pearson family, they’ve really gone the distance to write something that is really honoring the truth of someone who would’ve gone over to Afghanistan and dealt with what she’s dealing with.”

That said, it seems Morrison understands why fans are curious about Cassidy and how she fits into the Pearson narrative on a grander scale. She said:

I don’t blame anyone for wondering how she fits into the world. They’ve cared about these characters for three years and they’ve gone through a lot with them. And they’re connected to that family in such a powerful way, I think it’s only natural that when you bring someone with this much story into the mix, you want to know, “Well, how do they fit into this puzzle?” I don’t blame anyone for asking that question, but I do appreciate the delicacy and attention with which the writers have handled her story line.

From Morrison’s comments about Cassidy from This Is Us, it’s safe to say the character will continue to be a mystery for just a little while longer. The writers want to develop the new addition slowly and authentically. But, at least we get to experience the many layers hiding beneath. So, as always, fans will just have to wait and see how the story unravels in season 4.

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