‘This Is Us’ Cast: Who Has the Highest Net Worth?

This Is Us has been taking hearts for ransom since its premiere season in 2016. The story focuses on the Pearson family – their individual tribulations and united struggles – to string a dramatic narrative that is sincere, heartfelt, and often way too tear-inducing. However, viewers go in ready to have their emotions manipulated.

This Is Us features a talented ensemble including Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley, Susan Kelechi Watson, and more. With a former Heroes member and a pop recording artist in the mix, some of these players come to the show with impressive resumes. So, who among the cast, has achieved the highest net worth?

'This Is Us' Cast
Milo Ventimiglia, Susan Kelechi Watson, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz | Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Milo Ventimiglia tops the list with a net worth of $12 million

Milo Ventimiglia – starring as the soft-hearted father Jack Pearson – boasts the highest net worth out of all the cast members. With a net worth of $12 million, according to Best Life Pro, this man definitely is not tight on cash.

Before starring on This Is Us, Milo Ventimiglia played Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls, which is where he began developing his reputation as a Hollywood heartthrob. He went on to star in the TV series Heroes as Peter Petrelli. Similar to his character on This Is Us, Peter was also a fan favorite, and viewers frequently found themselves “in his corner.”

Milo Ventimiglia, while most recognized for his recurring roles on major network TV shows, also played Rocky Balboa’s son in Rocky Balboa, Chad in That’s My Boy, and is set to appear in the film adaptation of The Art of Racing in the Rain later this year.

Mandy Moore and Sterling K. Brown tie for second highest net worth on ‘This Is Us’

Mandy Moore, according to Celebrity Net Worth, has a net worth of approximately $10 million. Mandy Moore, before appearing on This Is Us as Rebecca Pearson – the dedicated wife and mother of three with a need to sing – starred in Because I Said So, License to Wed, and most famously, A Walk to Remember.

Mandy Moore is also an accomplished singer-songwriter. Moore is well known for her hits “Candy,” “Walk Me Home,” “I Wanna Be With You,” and “Crush.” Mandy Moore’s debut album, So Real, released in 1999, and while she proceeded to release records throughout the early 2000s, her attention lately has been directed at movies and TV.

This Is Us casting directors, knowing Rebecca Pearson was destined to chase her singing dream, likely chose Moore because she would be called upon to use those impressive pipes.

Sterling K. Brown, also boasting a net worth of $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is well known for his roles in Black Panther, Army Wives, Supernatural, and Predator. He also recently appeared alongside Jodie Foster in Hotel Artemis.

Sterling K. Brown is one of many famous actors who graduated from NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. He received his Master’s Degree at NYU after attending Stanford University for his Bachelor’s degree; Mr. Randall Pearson is one smart cookie in real life and on the show!

Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz: lucky number $7 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, both Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz boast an estimated net worth of $7 million. Metz, getting her big break on This Is Us, previously played minor characters in other shows and movies, including Solving Charlie, The Onion Movie, and Loveless in Los Angeles.

Justin Hartley – the one who gets to play the dreamy Kevin Pearson – previously starred in The Young and the Restless, Mistresses, and The Challenger. You may also recognize him from Smallville as Oliver Queen.

Susan Kelechi Watson and Chris Sullivan reported net worths

As for Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth) and Chris Sullivan (Toby), the former boasts an estimated net worth of $4 million, while the latter retains a net worth of approximately $500,000.

Susan Kelechi Watson starred on Louie from 2010-2015, while Chris Sullivan previously appeared in The Knick and The Drop.