‘This Is Us’: Did Mandy Moore Actually Write “Invisible Ink,” Rebecca’s Demo Song?

Mandy Moore in This Is Us

Mandy Moore in This Is Us | NBC

Correction: This article previously said Siddhartha Khosla is the music supervisor of This Is Us. That is incorrect. Khosla is the composer of This Is Us and the song co-wrote “Invisible Ink.”

Rebecca (Mandy Moore) has been trying to go somewhere with her singing career on This Is Us. In Season 3 fans got to see her perform an original song. But did Moore actually write it? Here are the writers behind the moving song that led to a sweet moment between Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca.

Mandy Moore’s fiancé, Taylor Goldsmith co-wrote ‘Invisible Ink’ with Siddhartha Khosla for This Is Us

In the episode, “Sometimes,” Rebecca is still pursuing her music career and gets her demo to record executives. The demo is called “Invisible Ink” and it didn’t really go over well with the executives. But of course, it brought Jack to tears. Mandy Moore is definitely singing the song, but who wrote it? Her future husband, Taylor Goldsmith did and it was a surprise to her!

“[Taylor] and Sid, our composer on This is Us, wrote a song that I sing in [Tuesday’s episode],” Mandy Moore told CNN. “They wrote it together and my character is supposed to have written [it]. It’s really beautiful and the way it’s presented in the episode is really sweet.” She also said the idea came about months ago. “It’s just me and Taylor. Taylor is playing the guitar, it’s really sweet,” she continued.

The composer, Siddhartha Khosla revealed in a behind-the-scenes video that he was told there is going to be an original song for Mandy Moore to sing. It was going to take place in the ’70s and it has to be Joni Mitchell inspired. That’s when he tapped Goldsmith to help write it.

“I was thrilled to get that call,” said the Dawes frontman. “Sid had a whole plan of attack, how to emotionally kind of guide us with what’s going with Rebecca, and he gave me all the tools to help contribute what I could.”

Moore was actually surprised when she found out Goldsmith was asked to work on This Is Us

Mandy Moore on This Is Us

Mandy Moore on This Is Us | NBC

You would think that Moore helped Goldsmith get the job, but it was a surprise to her. “Sid approached Taylor outside of me,” she revealed to Entertainment Weekly “they did it on their own. It was such a surprise.… That my own soon-to-be-husband got to write from my character’s perspective was pretty meta and weird, but it was so cool. The song is really beautiful.”

It turns out the people behind This Is Us have been trying to get Taylor Goldsmith on the show for a while. “[W]e wanted to bring him in for something,” executive producer Isaac Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly. He also said Mandy Moore “was so excited from the beginning. They collaborate on stuff outside the show, and he’s part of the This is Us extended family, so she was all in.”

Executive producer Elizabeth Berger revealed, “They just absolutely love working together, and they find a lot of joy from it, so we were just looking for the perfect fit.”

This collaboration might lead to something more with Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith. “I feel like this is our tiny little baby foray into making music together,” she told CNN. Perhaps that means more songs on the show or it could be something to do with their music career in real life. We have to wait and find out.

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