‘This Is Us’: Did Show Creator, Dan Fogelman, Just Confirm Fan Suspicions About What Happens to Kevin Later This Season?

Just when we thought things were looking up for Kevin (Justin Hartley) on This Is Us, Dan Fogelman throws us something mysterious. Season 4 finds Kevin working on his sobriety, helping his uncle, and avoiding love. Well, he was trying to avoid love, but things just got complicated with his friend, Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison). Let’s take a look at what the big fan theory is about Kevin and how Fogelman may have just confirmed it. 

Justin Hartley
Justin Hartley | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

What do fans think will happen to Kevin in season 4 of This Is Us?

Users often take to social media during and after This Is Us airs each week. They share their theories and agree or disagree with each other. After Kevin hooked up with Cassidy, fans were quick to hypothesize what’s going to happen next. 

The one idea they all agree on is that Kevin is going to fall off the wagon. They also feel that his Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) is going to help him recover. 

On a thread on Reddit, one user explained this theory, “Nicky’s making pretty good choices lately, like leaving the hockey game environment and going to regular AA meetings. Kevin, on the other hand, is ALSO a recovering addict. Still, right after that conversation about avoiding new relationships, he hooks up with Cassidy (who has issues of her own). There is no way the Kevin-Cassidy relationship ends well.”

It’s clear from the episode eight sneak peek of This Is Us that Nicky knows Kevin made a huge mistake. During the promo, Nicky tells Kevin, “You slept with her, didn’t you? What’s wrong with you?”

It looks like it’s already beginning. First, Kevin helped Nicky get sober and be a better person. Now, it has come full circle. Nicky is criticizing Kevin’s choices. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Fogelman may be alluding to the same theory fans have about Kevin

It looks like fan theories could be coming true in the coming episodes of This Is Us. In an interview with Deadline, Fogelman dropped a few hints about the midseason finale. He specifically focused on Kevin. 

“Kevin’s storyline will, in particular, kind of come through a crescendo and a build,” Fogelman explained. 

“It’s a real midpoint for our season, as it always is, and when we have these midpoint episodes, people will get a lot of answers to some things they’ve been asking about, or a lot of half-answers that will be answered [later in] the season.” He continued, “I think it’s going to be a really big midseason finale that’s going to have people talking.”

We may get our questions answered about what happens to Kevin by the midseason finale. Will Nicky help Kevin get through this rough patch? That question may have to wait until the season continues in January.

Executive Producers, Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker confirm fan theories as well

It sounds like fans have predicted what Kevin’s climax will be: a possible drinking binge. The comments from executive producers earlier this season also indicate this as a plausible.

“He’s a recovering addict in a small town with nothing to do, watching his ex move on with another man. When you have an available, beautiful, fascinating woman standing in front of you, that can be the perfect storm for making the wrong decision,” Elizabeth Berger told Entertainment Weekly.

Berger was referring to the hook-up between Kevin and Cassidy. It does not sound like this relationship is going to work out for Kevin.

Isaac Aptaker agreed, “Kevin has a bit of a self-destructive streak. If it’s not drinking, it’s other reckless, questionable behavior. And I think that this is another example of his impulsivity getting the better of him.”

Fans could very well be right on this one. Kevin slipped up by getting into bed with Cassidy, and now it’s entirely possible he could continue his downward spiral by turning to alcohol. 

Find out what happens next with Kevin on This Is Us, next Tuesday at 9 p.m. on NBC.