‘This Is Us’: Fans and Producers Cannot Get Enough of These Two Characters—We Will Be Seeing a Lot More of Them This Season

When season 4 of This Is Us premiered in September, fans had mixed reactions to the addition of so many new faces. Our usuals, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, had a lot less screen time. We even had less of the “Big 3” as adults. It was a little hard to keep up with all of the new storylines during that first episode, but we have since come to love the newcomers.

Since then, the producers have also gotten a feel for who they like and who the fans want to see. They agree and will be showing us a whole lot more of this one romance in next week’s episode. Read on to find out who the two new favorites are. Warning: Season 4 Spoilers

This Is Us Cast
‘This Is Us’ cast | Maarten de Boer/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Deja and Malik will finally become an item in next week’s episode

In the trailer for ‘The Dinner and the Date,’ we will see various dinners over the different eras of This Is Us. One that producers are very excited about is Deja (Lyric Ross) and Malik’s (Asante Blackk) date in Philadelphia. They skip school to spend the entire day together. Although their parents will not be happy, the two lovebirds have a magical day.

During the promo, Deja says, “The way you look at me, I never thought anybody could look at me like that.” Producers are teasing that it is going to be a fantastic date.

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“We’re also going to be seeing a really, really special day that Deja and Malik share together — which we sent the kids to Philadelphia to film. So it’s a really cool, unique, cinematic one for us,” Isaac Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly.

Part of the reason they love it so much is because they have all fallen in love with the two young actors, Ross and Blackk.

Dan Fogelman recently told The Hollywood Reporter that This Is Us producers love Ross, “We’re obsessed with the little Lyric, the actor who came out of nowhere for us and has just blown us away.”

The producers are smitten with Ross and Blackk, so it sounds like we will see a lot more of that young love relationship develop.

Fans agree they want more of Malik

Not only do the producers love this new budding romance, but fans are raving about the new character, Malik

One fan on Reddit commented after watching next week’s preview, “Malik is my favorite new character. I can’t wait to see more of him. The actor has so much depth and charm. I think he’s going to be the Jack of his generation.”

Other fans wholeheartedly agree. One Instagram user wrote, “I like him a lot. It shows character that he not only didn’t walk away from pregnancy but raises her with the help of his parents.”

What do fans think Randall and Beth should do about the Malik and Deja romance?

We can tell from the interaction between Randall and Malik in the last episode that Randall is not happy about his daughter dating someone who has a child. 

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Some fans believe Randall has no choice in the matter. One user on Instagram wrote, “[I] totally understand Randall and Beth not wanting Deja to date a boy who has a child. But if they try and stop her, she’ll sneak around. So they need to have a serious talk with her and the both of them.”

It looks like the ‘sneaking around’ is precisely what happens in the upcoming episode. The two skip school to spend the day together. We are afraid of the repercussions of this when Randall and Beth find out.

Another fan on Instagram also defended Malik, “And he appears to be a wonderful young man coming from a really good family. This is probably the best-case scenario in this type of situation.”

It sounds like fans are all for the Deja and Malik romance. Hopefully, Randall and Beth will get on board soon. You can catch the latest episode of This Is Us Tuesday night on NBC.