‘This Is Us’: Fans Are Begging for Justice for Miguel and Rebecca’s Love Story—Here’s How Fans Think They Ended up Together

Throughout the past three and a half seasons of This Is Us, we have seen countless scenes of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) romantic love story. However, there are currently no flashbacks of how Miguel (Jon Huertas) and Rebecca ended up in a relationship. Fans are begging for the producers to give us some back story. In the meantime, fans have their theories as to how the pair ended up together and when we might find out.

Jon Huertas as Miguel
Jon Huertas as Miguel | Maarten de Boer/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Fans feel so bad for how everyone treats Miguel—is it intentional?

The fall finale of This Is Us sparked a massive discussion about Miguel among fans. The consensus is that viewers feel very bad for him, but they believe the producers are creating this feeling intentionally. 

“I feel so bad for him like every time he’s on-screen,” commented one distraught Reddit user. “It’s like he has no chemistry with anyone even after all this time.”

“Part of me feels like it’s intentional,” added another fan, “to build and build and build until we finally see Miguel’s character get the attention that EVERY OTHER character gets.”

“I was just thinking this while watching this week’s episode,” wrote one Redditor. “I’m usually just kind of indifferent about him because there’s no real development, but my heart hurt for him when I realized he probably is really wanting at least one person to acknowledge him and ask how HE is.”

“I am too,” agreed another fan of the show. “When he said ‘What am I? A chopped liver?’ it broke me. He is such a sweetheart. He has always been there for the Pearsons. Like, he has been keeping the oath of ‘In sickness and in health’ himself, even before actually taking that oath towards the whole Pearson family. I love him. I love me some sweet, honest love!”

When will we find out how Miguel and Rebecca ended up married?

Fans are confident that they know when we will see more backstory on Miguel and Rebecca’s marriage. They believe the producers are building up to it.

“I have a feeling,” wrote one fan on Reddit, “they will show their love story to contrast it falling apart for the current timeline. You know poor Miguel is going to get hit with a lot of ‘You’re not my husband, where is Jack? I don’t love you,’ during Rebecca’s deterioration of her mental health.”

“I feel like we’re gonna get how Rebecca and Miguel got together alongside her decline,” agreed another viewer, “for extra heartstrings.”

“I’m thinking we’ll see Miguel and Rebecca’s story when they go deeper into Rebecca’s dementia,” added one more fan. “I have a feeling she’s going to talk to Miguel as if he’s Jack, which is going to break my heart. So far, he’s been so sweet with her.”

There seems to be an agreement among fans that the producers will begin to show us the Miguel-Rebecca relationship as Rebecca’s health declines. 

Fans think that Miguel and Rebecca aren’t in love

The last thing that fans contemplate is whether or not Miguel and Rebecca are in love. Most agree that she will never love Miguel quite like she loved Jack. 

“I think their marriage is more about companionship than love,” believes one fan. “They reunited several years after Jack’s death. I’m pretty sure she did not date after Jack, and Miguel was divorced. After reuniting, they probably bonded over memories of Jack and probably decided to get married so that they weren’t alone. I am not saying they don’t have love for each other, just don’t think they are IN love.”

“I could see this,” agreed another Redditor, “and don’t find it depressing if they are both on the same page about it. Doesn’t she still wear Jack’s necklace too? I mean, second marriages are complicated, sure, but I think it’s indicative that Jack still is the love of her life even after he dies.”

“I agree,” added one more fan, “and think that Miguel would likely take the position that he would never ‘try to replace’ Jack. I think it’s definitely companionship and familial love – but Jack was her life partner.”

In conclusion, fans want to see how Miguel and Rebecca ended up marrying. However, they believe it was not out of true love, but more out of companionship. Fans also think that the producers are going to show us their story while Rebecca is suffering from her decline in health. To find out more, we will have to wait until This Is Us returns to NBC on Jan. 14, 2020.