‘This Is Us’: Fans Are Convinced Kevin’s Fiancée Isn’t Who They Originally Thought It Was

In the This Is Us Season 4 fall finale, fans were taken just a bit into the future to see what some of the Pearsons were up to. Just nine months earlier, they had come together for Thanksgiving, where Kevin shared with his brother Randall that his goal was to be married and have a baby by his 40th birthday.

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‘This Is Us’ Justin Hartley as Kevin | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Kevin’s prediction came true

Kevin got his wish, as the end of the episode showed a flash-forward to his 40th birthday party, where he mentions his pregnant fiancée. Of course, his fiancee’s identity or how far along in her pregnancy she is wasn’t yet revealed.

If there’s anything this show knows, it’s how to throw in some twists and turns and not reveal too much.

Who is Kevin’s fiancée?

Of course, in the far future, when the family comes together at Rebecca’s bedside, we see Kevin’s son, which has prompted many fans to wonder who the mother is.

With the introduction of Cassidy into Kevin’s life and the fact that they hooked up, she has been a fan favorite as the baby mama, but there are other theories too.

Fans weighed in on whether Cassidy is his fiancée

This Is Us fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts on whether or not the fiancée is Cassidy — and not everyone believed it could be her.

Reddit user Julysveryown89 remarked: “I don’t think its Cassidy. The cabin scene is 9 months in the future. Aren’t you done with morning sickness that late in the pregnancy? Plus we’re supposed to believe she gets divorced and gets engaged all within 9 months?! Cassidy being Kevin’s fiance is too predictable.”

Another fan, mramsey1992, agreed, adding, “I am going with the lady he met [at] the gym,” while Gary320 commented, “Yeah it’s not her. Typical writers making us think it is.”

This Is Us producer teases “fun guessing game”

Executive producer Isaac Aptaker spoke with EW about the episode and shed a little bit of light on Kevin’s fiancée, without giving anything away at all. When asked if it’s “someone whom we already met,” he shared, “There’s definitely a fun guessing game of women in Kevin’s life, women in the show. But as we’ve demonstrated throughout the run, and certainly this season, we love expanding our cast and introducing new characters. [Laughs] So I would say nothing’s off the table there.”

The interviewer also asked, “Are we to assume that this child his fiancée is pregnant with is the boy you introduced in the season 3 finale flash-forward? He might look a little younger in the distant future (which is between 12 and 15 years from present day) for the math to work out. And should we be thinking that he has more than one kid?”

Aptaker would only say, “I think that they’re both fair guesses. We got such a quick glimpse of him in that deeper-future period that it feels totally possible that that could be the kid.”