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Season 4 of This Is Us finds Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) going through a rough patch. They struggle with all of the typical new parent stressors, as well as their baby having a special need. 

Toby and Kate deal with these new intricacies of their marriage in very different ways. Toby found that working out has helped him, but Kate is not happy about her husband’s weight-loss. Let’s take a look at what fans are saying about Kate’s reaction. Warning: Season 4 Spoilers

Toby, Kate and Baby Jack on 'This Is Us'
Toby, Kate, and baby Jack | Ron Batzdorff/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Fans are appalled at the terrible way Kate reacts to Toby’s sudden weight loss

Two episodes in a row, Kate has reacted poorly to Toby’s new fit figure. The first time she sees her husband with his shirt off in a long time, she is mad at him. Kate is overweight, to begin with, and the couple met at a support group for people with eating disorders. 

Fans took to Reddit to show their disappointment in Kate’s reaction. One fan wrote, “If I managed to lose some weight and gain some muscle, my wife would congratulate me. Kate? Somehow takes it as an insult that Toby thinks she’s fat.”

Kate believes Toby’s health is a reflection of her. She immediately begins to think that she is not good enough for him. He initially hides his workouts from her, which makes things worse. 

Another viewer on Reddit wrote, “She can’t stand the fact that Toby is taking better care of himself.” It begins to make us wonder about her emotional state and how she got to this point. 

Fans agree on this one thing about Kate

As fans began discussing Kate’s anger towards Toby’s weight-loss, more profound things came about. Season 4 has shown us that teenage Kate (Hannah Zeile) had a boyfriend during her teenage years who seemed a bit controlling. The show has not yet revealed to us what happened with the relationship, but Reddit users have their theories. 

One fan started the theory, “I have a feeling we might understand more after we find out what happens with her boyfriend.”

Then others agreed, writing, “I was looking for this take. The last episode shook me, and I think we’re about to see what really pushed her over the edge. I’ve been thinking for a while that there’s more to her problems than blaming herself for Jack’s death. If they take this story where I think they are, poor, poor Kate.”

Users on Reddit have been hypothesizing that something very traumatic happens with Kate and her teenage boyfriend, Marc (Austin Abrams). Some believe he may have sexually assaulted her, while others think he could have been very controlling. 

Fans are all in agreement that Kate’s emotional reaction to Toby’s weight loss stems from the trauma that occurred with her and the mysterious boyfriend during her teenage years. 

Will Toby and Kate’s relationship last?

During the season 3 finale, we saw an older Toby without Kate or a wedding band. Fans began wondering if their relationship lasts through the years. 

This past week’s episode indeed shows how much Toby is trying to make things work. He suggests a getaway so they can have some intimate time together. Kate is still reeling from Toby’s extreme weight loss and fitness, but Toby reassures her that he still loves her and finds her attractive. 

The couple certainly has their challenges, but fans want to believe that they will last in the long run. One fan on Instagram wrote, “I absolutely love you and toby together from day one! You guys are amazing!”

You can watch Toby and Kate’s relationship play out every week on This Is Us, Tuesday nights on NBC.