‘This Is Us’ Fans Are Wondering If Jack Was Really Kate’s First Pregnancy

The writers of NBC’s award-winning drama, This is Us, like to string viewers along. They drop hints, imply a lot, and leave fans wondering what will happen next.

Every week, people flock to online forums to discuss the fate of the Pearson clan. The recent episode of “Storybook Love” sent viewers into a frenzy trying to figure out if Baby Jack was Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) first pregnancy. And it’s all because of the latest story arch with teen Kate’s romance.

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Who is Marc on ‘This Is Us’?

We first met Marc, played by Austin Abrams, in a teenage Kate flashback. Marc was the manager of a record store and hired Kate to work for him. Instead of working, they did a lot of kissing in the backroom.

When the Pearsons are having a family dinner, Marc shows up at the door unannounced. Kate, surprised to see him, says it is sweet that he is there but also a little “creepy.” She is nervous and embarrassed when Marc introduces himself as her boyfriend.

Throughout the exchange, he has a strange hold on Kate’s arm. Is this indicative of things to come? Kevin makes it known that he doesn’t like Marc, feeling the guy is too old for his sister.

Kate and Marc’s relationship on ‘This Is Us’

We never see Marc mentioned again until “Storybook Love.” Kate stumbles upon an old Polaroid picture of the two of them. Rebecca appears distraught, and she and Kate share a melancholy exchange.

Rebecca says: “I was trying so hard to hold it together that year after your father died, and I wanted to believe so badly that you kids were happy. I didn’t see what was happening.”

Kate sheepishly replies: “I didn’t see what was happening either.”

Nothing is clear, except for the fact that Marc was not good for Kate and the relationship ended.

What happened to Kate on ‘This Is Us’?

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Was Marc emotionally or physically abusive? Was he suicidal? Did he die in a fiery car crash or have an unfortunate crockpot incident himself? No one knows, but viewers are certainly making their best guesses.

On a Reddit forum, viewers are debating whether or not Baby Jack is Kate’s first pregnancy. A theory surfaced that Kate got pregnant with Marc and either miscarried or terminated the pregnancy. They suggest that complications led to her finding out that it would be hard to conceive in the future.

One viewer recalls a line where Kate tells Toby: “I didn’t think it was possible to get pregnant.” Does this suggest she knew she had fertility issues because of something that happened with Marc? Viewers were quick to respond, claiming her problems were because of her weight and not Marc.

Others discussed that she lost her virginity with a guy at a diner in Season 2, so Marc wasn’t her first. Most agree that This is Us wouldn’t tackle the issue of abortion. While others argue that if they did go with that issue, it would be Kevin to take it on and not Kate. Either way, fans are struggling to figure out the connection between Kate and Marc. 

Kate’s fertility issues on ‘This Is Us’

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In Season 2, Kate experiences a tragic miscarriage that almost tears her and Toby apart. Their relationship survives and they decide to seek out the help of a specialist to conceive again.

Kate is informed she has a very slim chance of getting pregnant because of her weight. She is diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a common hormonal disorder. This diagnosis makes it unlikely that complications with Marc or a previous pregnancy had anything to do with her current condition.

She finally conceives and delivers baby Jack prematurely at 28 weeks. Kate definitely hasn’t had it easy in the baby-making department, so previous problems at a younger age could have been a factor. Only time will tell the connection between Kate, Marc, and her possible teenage pregnancy.

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