‘This Is Us’: Fans No Longer Believe That Jennifer Morrison Will Be the Mother of Kevin’s Son

From the moment fans heard Jennifer Morrison was joining the This Is Us cast for season 4, theories started flying that she would be the mother of Kevin Pearson’s son.

We saw a glimpse of Kevin’s son in the flash-forward in the season 3 finale. Everyone wants to know who the mystery mother could be. Read on to find out why fans no longer believe its Morrison’s character, Cassidy. Warning: Season 4 Spoilers.

Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer Morrison | Ron Batzdorff/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Jennifer Morrison’s character, Cassidy saw things heat up with Kevin

In season 4, episode 6 of This Is Us; fans finally got what they wanted. Kevin and Cassidy engaged in a steamy kiss that led them straight to the bedroom. After a fight with her ex-husband, Cassidy ran straight to Kevin’s trailer. She interrupted his date, and Kevin sent the date home. They didn’t seem like a good fit, anyway. 

The next thing we knew, Cassidy went in for the kiss. We thought it might end on that note, and the relationship would develop further in the coming episodes. However, later on, we find out that Kevin didn’t want her to leave after the kiss. He pulled her back in, and things got hot and heavy. 

Morrison commented on the romance to People, “I think people are going to make a lot of different assumptions about the future based on this episode. I can’t say if these assumptions are right or wrong, but I think there are going to be a lot of assumptions flying around.” 

It seems like Morrison is alluding to wrong assumptions, although she doesn’t come right out and say that. Let’s take a look at what the fans are saying since the kiss.

Fans think things happened too quickly with Kevin and Cassidy

Many fans on Reddit have now retracted their old theories that Kevin and Cassidy have a child together after episode 6. Their reasons make sense. 

One Reddit user wrote, “It just doesn’t feel right for me. I think that if they wanted to make this couple a long term one, it would have played out like Kevin starts seeing this redhead chick and then over the course of the next couple of episodes (I’d say 5-6 minimum) then him and Cassidy start developing feelings. It just feels to fast to be anything long term in my experience.” 

Other fans agree with the Reddit user. They believe that if Cassidy were genuinely going to be the one that Kevin ends up with, the producers would have let the relationship play out longer, before jumping right into bed. 

Another fan wrote, “Yeah, this felt like a curveball trying to throw us off. I don’t think she’s who he ends up with. I kind of wish he could have stuck by the “abstinent the first year of sobriety” thing a little longer, at least. But I don’t hate them. We will see what happens!”

It sounds like fans are now sure that Kevin and Cassidy to not last in the long run, although they really do like the pair together.

Morrison believes there will be a lot of reactions after the steamy episode between Kevin and Cassidy

Morrison has watched This Is Us since the beginning and is a big fan of the show. She knew before it aired that her friends and family would have plenty of responses after. She told People, “I think I’m going to get a lot of text messages after this episode. I have a feeling.”

When asked if Kevin would be extending his stay in Bradford because of Cassidy, Morrison answered with a lot of questions, “Obviously, in terms of seeing how all this gets walked out after that [kiss], it’s a whole different thing because you are dealing with repercussions. What does this mean for their friendship? And what does this mean for her marriage ending or not ending?” Morrison continues. “What does that mean once he has actually followed through with a physical connection when you’ve already been feeling an emotional connection?”

Fans seem to think that the intimate scene will further complicate their relationship instead of pushing them closer together. Morrison believes there will be reactions from everyone, both good and bad. It looks like we will have to wait and see what happens with Kevin and Cassidy until This Is Us returns next Tuesday night to NBC.