‘This Is Us’ Fans Ready for This Actor to Appear in Another Superhero Movie

Sterling K. Brown has blossomed into one of America’s most gifted actors, but also one of the most ubiquitous. Outside of playing Randall on NBC’s This Is Us, he’s been seen in countless top-tier movies and TV projects. Some have probably forgotten he appeared in one important superhero franchise.

Some fans think Brown’s participation in 2018’s Black Panther mimics some of the heroics he showed in a recent episode of This Is Us. Those who watch latter show regularly know Randall had to face a home invader who happened to wield a knife. Randall managed to show bravery, despite suffering from anxiety issues.

In a lot of minds, that’s the best of superhero tactics. Now many think Brown should attempt to play a superhero, or at least a very human one.

Some fans think Randall is a lot like Batman

The cast of 'Black Panther' on the red carpet
The cast of Black Panther | Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

If one might initially scoff at the idea Randall is like Batman, let’s all be reminded Bruce Wayne went through anxiety and showed open emotions as well. After all, Bruce lost his dad in a horrific way just like Randall did. Behind Bruce’s mask is also a man with a heart full of pain.

Someone on Reddit pointed this out and noted it was part of Batman’s origin story. As a major point taken, everyone was reminded of Sterling K. Brown’s role in Black Panther.

While a minor role, he did play Killmonger’s father, N’Jobu, giving Brown a checkmark for being in one of the most important superhero movies ever made.

There isn’t any word if he’ll be back in the eventual sequel. He may not even be in another superhero movie again, even though he’s in virtually everything else.

Fans on Reddit, at least, facetiously point out the above recent episode of This Is Us was almost like a new version of Batman.

‘This Is Us’ has its own version of superheroes

Maybe not everyone is a fan of Randall’s life decisions on the show. At least he’s a thoughtful family man who went head-first into politics after suffering from sometimes stifling anxiety attacks.

Doing so was definitely like the trajectory of Bruce Wayne, not including taking on bad guys. When that house intruder entered Randall’s home, his tactic was more than smart. One has to wonder what Randall would have done had the intruder tried to go up the stairs, though.

There doesn’t have to be action to make the Pearson kids like real superheroes. Their trajectories through life are already like the best type of superheroes in owning up to their mistakes and living the ideals set by their parents.

Randall, however, would have to be considered the best of the Pearson kids. His ability to keep the family connected and out of trouble is also a superhero trait, something Batman probably couldn’t have done had he had any siblings.

Would Sterling K. Brown ever play a superhero like Batman?

Don’t necessarily think Brown wouldn’t take on another superhero movie. He’s one of the most diverse actors in the business and could play anyone or anything.

Just look at what he’s already acted in ranging from cops, lawyers, romantic leads, to doing voice acting in animated films. Through all his recent acting roles, he always shows a vulnerability that makes for great superheroes.

In an alternative universe, perhaps he would have become the first African-American Batman who’d maybe have the same traits as Randall.

While the future of Batman seems to be looking darker over at DC (based on Robert Pattinson’s acting direction), a Sterling K. Brown version probably would have had a lot more humanity.