‘This Is Us’ Fans Think Cassidy Will Return Soon For This Reason

While This Is Us is on fall hiatus, fans are scrambling to piece things together. One focus in season 4 has been on war veteran Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) and Kevin (Justin Hartley). Their “will they, won’t they” romance left many on edge. But, as quickly as things heated up, the two went their separate ways and Morrison supposedly exited the show. Read on to find out why fans think she’ll be back (and soon).

Cassidy left Kevin and the show

Jennifer Morrison as Cassidy on 'This Is Us'
Jennifer Morrison as Cassidy | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Season 4 of This Is Us has been a serious whirlwind of emotions. The introduction of Cassidy and her connection to Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) became the basis for even more theories, especially in terms of Kevin and Cassidy.

As the season progressed, Kevin and Cassidy remained friends helping each other (and Nicky) stay sober. Then, oh boy, in a moment of weakness, Kevin and Cassidy slept together.

After Kevin punished himself for sinking back into that kind of mindset, Cassidy decided to make a big move to be part of her son’s life. The two amicably went their separate ways.

Fans were immediately divided. Would Cassidy exit the show for good after only half-a-season, or would she return? The tail end of the fall finale showed a 9-month flash-forward that revealed Kevin has a pregnant fiancée.

Due to the timeline, Cassidy’s name is front and center. However, fans have another reason to believe she’ll be back on the show, whether as someone in Kevin’s life or in general.

Here’s why fans think Cassidy will be back soon

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Speculations about Cassidy’s return to This Is Us are now based on Morrison’s hair. You read that right. A thread on Reddit devoted to this theory suggests Morrison is still rocking the same hair color and style, long after shooting her supposed final scenes for This Is Us.

One commenter said, “Jennifer’s hair is still dark which is indicative that she’s still in the role of Cassidy. I say this because I have been a fan of hers for a very long and time and Jen usually goes back to her blonde hair after she’s done with a role. The fact that she has her dark hair still makes me think she’s still a part of This Is Us.”

The post pointed to a Thanksgiving Day photo of Morrison with her brother, as posted on an Instagram Story by Morrison’s sister-in-law, Eleanora.

While a few others chimed in to argue Morrison’s hair could be due to another project, it’s worth noting another fan agreed with the theory.

“I thought she would go back to blonde as soon as she finished This Is Us, but I agree that maybe she just likes this look. But I really want more Cassidy so I hope you’re right.”

Jennifer Morrison is working other projects

Morrison’s return to This Is Us could go either way, but her hair has remained similar to that of Cassidy’s. The coincidence might have more to do with her latest project, One Of Us Is Lying, which is based on the bestselling YA book of the same name by Karen M. McManus.

Morrison signed on to direct the pilot for NBCUniversal’s forthcoming streaming service, Peacock, according to Variety. One Of Us Is Lying tells the story of five high schoolers who walk into detention, and only four make it out alive.

This is Morrison’s first pilot, though she directed an episode of HBO’s Euphoria, the feature film, Sun Dogs, and the short film, Warning Labels.

When it comes down to it, Morrison’s hair color and style may have nothing to do with her return to This Is Us, or, it could have everything to do with it. Answers will come in January 2020 when the show returns for the back half of season 4. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess.