‘This Is Us’ Fans Think Nicky Is At Rebecca’s Bedside In The Flash-Forward For This Heartbreaking Reason

Fans of This Is Us remember the season 3 finale that revealed an ailing Rebecca (Mandy Moore) with Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) at her bedside. Since the episode aired, many theories have circulated — especially with new information in season 4 regarding Rebecca’s health.

Brace yourselves because a big theory the previously surfaced picked up steam after the Nov 12. episode, proving there can never be enough layers to the Pearson saga.

Many questioned where Miguel was in the season 3 finale of ‘This Is Us’

Mandy Moore on 'This Is Us'
Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Sterling K. Brown as Randall | Mitchell Haddad/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While plenty of viewers don’t give a lick as to where Rebecca’s second husband, Miguel, (Jon Huertas) was in the season 3 finale, his absence could unlock answers as to why Nicky’s there, instead.

In a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator, Dan Fogelman, said there’s more they’re doing “before we get to the Miguel mystery.”

Executive producer and writer, Isaac Aptaker, echoed the sentiment saying Miguel’s story is a “longer-term mystery for the show.”

Basically, they’re not giving anything away, per the usual. Theories about Miguel’s absence include divorce, death, or a simpler notion that he could’ve stepped out of the room. Either way, he isn’t at Rebecca’s side during her final moments, and that’s kind of big.

There are a few fan theories about Rebecca’s health

Among the more popular This Is Us theories about what’s going on with Rebecca is that she’s experiencing some sort of memory-related or degenerative illness such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or MS.

In the season 3 finale, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) had to repeat his name to Rebecca, signaling she might not remember, or know, who he is. Though Moore previously de-bunked the Alzheimer’s guess, that could be a classic misdirect.

Rebecca’s illness goes back a ways if you look closer. Whether the car crash that happened years prior comes back to haunt her (like a brain injury), or something cancer-related (because of her former cancer scare), her health may have begun deteriorating a lot sooner than some think.

Also in season 3, Rebecca took many notes while baby Jack laid in the NICU. It was almost too many notes — enough that Kate was bothered by it. Could this have been foreshadowing about her memory?

The Nov. 12 episode revealed more lof Rebecca’s ongoing memory struggle. She forgot Randall’s job title, lost her phone, and took far too many pictures. The bigger question is, how does this all add up and why is Nicky involved?

Here’s why fans think Nicky is with Rebecca in the flash-forward

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Some fans think there’s an important reason Nicky is with Rebecca at the end of her life.

“Rebecca thinks Nicky is Jack and that’s all she remembers,” one fan Tweeted.

Another commented on why she may have taken so many photos and notes in the past.

“My theory: Rebecca has onset dementia. She knows and is documenting. Nicky was in the bedroom with her on s3 finale because she thinks he is Jack.”

A few of the same thought has circulated since the season 3 finale, but after the Nov. 12 episode, the theory grew in popularity.

One Redditor said:

“In the most recent episode, we saw Kevin look at Nick and see Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). What if that’s true with Rebecca too? She is so far gone she doesn’t remember a lot of people or recognize most people, but she looks at Nick and sees Jack and that brings some comfort.”

Other chimed in adding that Rebecca could’ve forgotten about the fire and believes Jack truly is Nicky. It’s slightly far-fetched if you work the timeline and the way Dementia and Alzheimer’s presents, according to a few Reddit comments. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Whatever reason you believe Nicky is at Rebecca’s bedside, he showed up to make sure his family is OK and that’s something Jack Pearson would 100 percent condone.