‘This Is Us’ Fans Think This Is the Character to Worry About Most

When This Is Us returns for the second half of the season in January 2020, we want answers. The fall finale opened a portal of “what” and “who” that, quite honestly, will be hard to forget about over the holidays. If you’re re-living the episode over and over to figure out what’s to come, read on to see who This Is Us fans think will have the toughest journey ahead, according to Twitter.

The fall finale left a lot of unanswered questions

'This Is Us'
Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth, Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Sterling K. Brown as Randall | Mitchell Haddad/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Enough time has passed for anyone who watches This Is Us to have caught the fall finale in all its question-inducing, clue-dropping glory. For that reason, there is no spoiler warning, unless you consider this one.

With Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) and Shauna (Joy Brunson) added to this year’s Pearson festivities, things got a little sticky. Shauna is doing a little too well, sending Deja (Lyric Ross) into a bit of a spiral.

Nicky spent his time trying to figure out how he fits in his brother Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) family after Jack told everyone Nicky died long ago. Nicky struggles to see himself as anything more than a ghost, but answers come in some form when Randall (Sterling K. Brown) tells Nicky a story about a song Jack spoke about through the years. That song held special meaning between Jack and Nicky.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) marriage is crumbling before our eyes. Things went from bad to worse after an avocado-related incident and Kate’s subsequent discovery of a mystery text — from a woman — on Toby’s phone.

Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) timeline jump may have been the thing that caused viewers the most concern. She brushed off Randall’s initial concerns, but after a few memory lapses, she confessed she needs help.

At the end of the episode, things unraveled quick. Not only is Rebecca escorted by police to the family cabin in a 9-month flash-forward, but Kate signs her name “Kate Pearson” on the police report, not Kate Damon.

That aside, Kevin (Justin Hartley) has a pregnant fiance hiding in the back room when he reminds Rebecca why Randall isn’t there to celebrate Kevin’s 40th birthday: because they aren’t speaking.

Yes, it’s a lot. And yes, we’re eager for January to save us from all of this, too.

Fans worry about Randall the least

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Leave it to the official This Is Us Twitter account to stir things up. On Nov. 24, they shared a post asking who fans should worry about most. The options, in no particular order, are Rebecca, Randall, Kevin, and Kate.

We’ll work from the bottom, up. The Pearson with the greatest ability to bounce back and overcome adversity is Randall.

“We saw a glimpse into the future when they were all at Kevin’s house and his son walked through and said hi to Uncle Randall, so their estrangement from Randall is short-lived,” a fan noted.

Another said, “Randall always seems to find his way. He keeps at a problem until it works out.”

Though a few others mentioned Randall’s past breakdowns. The stress of it all may be his final breaking point. Along with that, Tess’s coming out, and how it affects her at school, may add to the tension between Randall and Kevin.

How do Kevin, Kate, and Rebecca fare?

Kevin comes next because, as many pointed out, he’s doing better, albeit still struggling.

“Kevin is doing well for a change. Whatever fall out happened with them and Randall. I think it will work itself out.”

Kate is on everyone’s minds because of that mystery text but others think it goes farther. Having a premature baby who’s visually-impaired when you have low self-esteem and maybe postpartum depression is a lot.

If it turns out that Toby is having an affair (though that may be too obvious), that would affect Kate even more. And, as a another fan reminded us, “I’m also still wondering about Kate’s boyfriend from when she was a teenager.”

Rebecca is the top choice for who to worry about most when the show returns, and for obvious reasons. Fans are concerned. Though writers won’t give much away, Alzheimer’s and Dementia might be too on-the-nose for a show with such careful writing.

“So much of this show is about memory and about looking back,” executive producer Isaac Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly. “So the idea that one of our characters would be faced with this incredibly scary illness where you begin to lose that and that begins to fade away felt very in keeping with the themes of the show.”

But is it one of those cognition disorders? “We’re not giving an exact medical diagnosis just yet, but she’s definitely on that path,” Aptaker said.

What will happen when ‘This Is Us’ returns in January?

As far as Kevin and Randall, Aptaker weighed in.

“We’ll see the rift, see the falling-out, see how it all happens over the back half of the season and into the beginning of next. It’s all coming up in the very immediate future for the show; this isn’t something that’s going to be a long wait.”

Big boss and series creator, Dan Fogelman, gave a little more insight to The Hollywood Reporter as to what viewers can expect moving forward.

“Those answers all get provided in the back half of the season, which is a nice device for us. And it’s something we’ve always had planned,” he said.

He added that things will pick up in the present-day timeline in January.

“Kevin’s been on his hypothetical search for true love and partnership for a month and a half, and we’ll see how that’s been going. Toby and Kate, what’s happened since she’s seen that text message? What’s been the status for their last month and a half? We’ll catch up on all of that stuff.”