‘This Is Us’: How Jack’s Death Reveal Will Change the Show in Season 3

It’s happened, we finally know how Jack Pearson lost his life on This Is Us. The Pearson patriarch saved his entire family from a horrific house fire only to die from a heart attack later on in the evening. It was as devastating as you can imagine, and most of us, just like the Big Three, will never recover from it.

Since the big reveal has finally passed, This Is Us will shift focus in a significant way when it kicks off its third season in the fall. Here’s everything we know about how the show will change as we move forward.

More Jack

Milo Ventimiglia plays Jack Pearson in NBC's This is Us

Milo Ventimiglia on This is Us | NBC

Just in case you thought Milo Ventimiglia was going to vanish entirely from the series or we’d be seeing less of Jack Pearson, you don’t have to fret.

Ventimiglia told Vulture, “That was a big worry among a lot of people, that I was going to be leaving the show. I’m like, ‘No, no, no. I’ve been dead since the beginning; nothing’s changed, I’m personally still around on the show, Jack is still around, not going anywhere.’”

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Miguel and Rebecca’s romance

Mandy Moore and Jon Huertas as Rebecca Pearson and Miguel on NBC's This is Us

Mandy Moore and Jon Huertas on This is Us | NBC

We’ve pretty much accepted Miguel and Rebecca together, kind of. The Pearson matriarch has been married to her late husband’s best friend for quite a few years. We know that they reconnected around the time Randall’s eldest daughter Tess was born, and that the Big Three aren’t exactly thrilled by their mother’s new relationship.  We know Miguel isn’t a bad guy, but let’s be honest, he’s no Jack.

Jon Huertas, who plays Miguel on the series, told TV Guide, “This season we’ve got some cool stuff coming up. In the next season, we really open it up. There are still some people that still need some convincing. We’ll get more into Kate and Randall react to the news of Rebecca and Miguel hanging out again. Next season I think we’ll see more of that.”


The twins vs. Miguel

Kevin and Kate on NBC's This Is Us

Kevin and Kate on This Is Us | NBC

Though Randall seems to be pretty accepting of his mother’s romance with Miguel, as we saw in the “Pilgrim Rick” episode, Kate and Kevin are another force entirely. The twins aren’t going to make it easy on Miguel.

Huertas told TV Guide, “With Kate, [she] and Miguel have a kind of stand-offish sort of thing. She’s going to support Kevin because they’re twins. We just haven’t explored too much of that yet.”

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Secrets unveiled

Jack and Rebecca on This Is Us

Jack and Rebecca on This Is Us | NBC

Jack was nearly perfect, but he carried a lot of pain with him. In his childhood, he dealt with an abusive and alcoholic father, and he lost his brother and best friend Nicky in the Vietnam War. Ventimiglia explained to Vulture, “There is a lot that he never let his family know, whether to protect them or just spare them.”

Secrets always come out in the end.

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Jack Pearson’s ghost

Randall and Jack Pearson on This Is Us

Randall and Jack Pearson on This Is Us | NBC

Though Jack died at a fairly young age, we’ve gotten to see him at various stages of his life. From brief glimpses of him as a boy, in his twenties, and then as he got older as a father and a husband. According to Ventimiglia, as we head into Season  3  of This Is Us, we’ll see even more versions of Jack. Just don’t expect to see his ghost anytime soon.

He explained to Vulture. “I don’t think we’re going to see ghost Jack. There’s a lot of different Jacks we’re going to see, but I don’t think we’re going to see ghost Jack.”

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Alternative timelines

The Pearson siblings on This is Us

The Big Three on This Is Us | NBC

We’re still devastated by the fact that Jack wasn’t around to see the Big Three grow up, and that he never got the chance to be Grandpa Jack. However, the This Is Us writers might still be willing to indulge us in Season 3. In the Season 2 episode, “The Car,” we got a chance to revisit some of the Pearsons happier moments as they were trying to get through Jack’s funeral.

Apparently, there are more happy and dreamy times to come. Ventimiglia told E!, “I think there’s an opportunity to even dream a little further forward, you know the moments possibly that we didn’t get that we could have gotten had this man lived on a little longer than his 50-some odd years.”

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Looking ahead

Randall Pearson This Is Us

Randall and his family on This Is Us. | NBC

One of the biggest shocks of the infamous Superbowl episode came towards the end. When the dust settled, we saw a grown-up Tess working as a social worker, and a much older Randall visiting her for lunch.

Could we see everyone else as they get older in Season 3? Only time will tell.

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