‘This Is Us’: Is Justin Hartley Married?

Millions of viewers tune in each week to watch the hit NBC drama This Is Us. The show focuses on the lives of three siblings as they face the challenges of adulthood. One of the many reasons viewers continue to tune in is the show’s engaging and talented cast.

Justin Hartley plays Kevin Pearson, a member of the big three and well-known actor. Every week, Hartley brings a new dynamic to the character, showing Kevin’s heart, passion, and personal struggles in a way that makes viewers love him. On and off screen, Hartley’s brown eyes and chiseled jaw make us wonder: Is Justin Hartley married?

Hartley met his wife through a mutual friend

Hartley married actress Chrishell Stause on October 28, 2017, exactly four years after they met. The couple began dating after a mutual friend suggested they meet. Hartley was working on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless while Stause was on another soap, Days of Our Lives. Stause and Hartley got the cutest couple award when Hartley was caught spreading the train of his wife’s gown at this year’s Golden Globes.

Stause attempted to play hard to get at the beginning, only allowing a kiss on the cheek after their first date. But she told People magazine that she immediately knew that Hartley was the one. She texted her friend the day after that first date simply, “I found him.”

Hartley told the magazine that he called Stause the day after their first date and they have been together ever since. Stause gushes, “They don’t make them any better than Justin, and I could not be more thrilled to officially be Mrs. Hartley!” And it looks like the This Is Us star feels the same, “At the risk of sounding cheesy, I look forward to sharing life experiences and growing old together. Someday, we can talk about all the things we did together 30 years ago!”

Hartley has been married once before

Before he married Stause, Hartley was married to another soap opera actress, Lindsay Korman. Korman and Hartley met while they were both working on the paranormal soap opera Passions. Korman played the hopeless romantic Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald and Hartley played the handsome boy from the town’s richest family, Fox Crane.

On screen, Theresa and Fox dated briefly, but Theresa’s heart was always meant for someone else. Offscreen, Hartley and Korman fell for each other fast. The two began dating in 2003 were married by 2004. Hartley left Passions in 2006 and Korman stayed with the show until it ended in 2008. The two worked together again when Korman guest starred on Hartley series Smallville in 2010. The couple got divorced in 2012 citing irreconcilable differences.

The actor has a daughter with Korman

During their marriage, Hartley and Korman welcomed a baby girl, Isabella. Even though the couple divorced in 2012, they kept things about their daughter and opted for joint legal and physical custody.

Hartley gushed on a recent appearance on Ellen how he and his daughter still have a close relationship and how she still lets him drive her to school and even go in. He told Ellen that his agent recently approached Isabella and offered to represent her because she is such a great kid and has such a strong personality. But Isabella wasn’t sure if she was interested, stating that she had other things she was working on. Hartley joked that he told her, “Babe, it took me years to get anyone to pay attention to me…” He told Ellen, “She’s too cool for school.”

Hartley comments and his Instagram feed filled with pictures of his family leave no question just how much the star is wrapped around his baby girl’s little finger.