‘This Is Us’: What Happens to Kate’s Boyfriend? Producers Say Fans Should Be Worried About Marc

As This Is Us delves into its fourth season, fans watch as the Pearson family continues to recover from Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death. However, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be an easy path. Following the episode titled “Storybook Love,” viewers were left with an ominous cliffhanger between Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore). And essentially, the scene confirmed something happens to Kate’s boyfriend, Marc (Austin Abrams), in This Is Us.

‘This Is Us’ fans meet Kate’s boyfriend, Marc, played by Austin Abrams

In the fourth episode of This Is Us Season 4, fans officially meet teenage Kate’s (Hannah Zelle) boyfriend, Marc. The new character is portrayed by Abrams. And the 23-year-old appeared in projects such as Paper Towns and Brad’s Status alongside Ben Stiller. However, fans probably recognize the actor as Ethan from HBO’s Euphoria.

During “Storybook Love,” Marc shows up uninvited at the Pearson family dinner to celebrate teenage Kevin (Logan Shroyer) and Sophie’s (Amanda Leighton) marriage. Meanwhile, in the present day, Kate and Rebecca discover old Polaroids from the night of the dinner. However, when uncovering a photo of Marc, Kate’s smile fades away.

“I was trying so hard to hold it together that year after your father died,” Rebecca said. “And I wanted to believe so badly that you kids were happy. I didn’t see what was happening.”

“I didn’t see it either,” Kate responded.

So what happened to Marc? According to Milo Ventimiglia and producers Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker, there’s plenty to worry about moving forward.

Producers on Kate’s boyfriend in ‘This Is Us’

When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Berger and Aptaker confirmed viewers should be worried about Kate and her boyfriend, Marc.

“Fans should have a healthy amount of concern. I mean, there’s something ominous looming there, the way that Rebecca and Kate are speaking about that relationship in present day,” Aptaker explained. “And although he seems like a sweet guy now, it certainly seems like that did not end well for Kate.”

That said, Aptaker noted the age gap isn’t as wide as fans may think. “It’s a few years,” the producer said. However, Aptaker acknowledged Kate’s vulnerability following her father’s death.

“I think Kate’s at an incredibly sensitive, potentially vulnerable time in her life, a little bit aimless, searching for meaning and searching for our plan in the wake of her father’s death,” he said. “And she meets this guy at a time when she’s incredibly impressionable, and we’ll just have to see what happens there.”

What ‘This Is Us’ fans need to watch for moving forward

Hannah Zeile as Kate on 'This Is Us'
Hannah Zeile as Kate on ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Nevertheless, the producers hinted at what aspects of Marc’s personality viewers should pay attention to. For example, when he showed up at the Pearson family home uninvited.

“That will definitely prove to be symbolic of Marc’s larger personality,” Berger told EW. “He’s obviously somebody that goes for what he wants and feels entitled to show up to a place even when he’s not invited. And we do feel like that is a little bit of a tell for where we’re going and what this guy is all about.”

Meanwhile, Aptaker suggested Marc isn’t as charming as he seems, noting the hints of darkness surrounding the character.

“I think we’ll say Austin Abrams … just gives the character such layers. There is a little bit of a darkness and a creepiness to this character, even though he hasn’t actually done anything,” Aptaker explained. “But there’s also this this sweetness and this charm, so you totally understand why Kate is enamored with this guy. And I think he’s just threading that needle so, so well.”

Berger and Aptaker then suggested Marc could potentially contribute to Kate’s unhealthy relationship with food and weight.

Still speaking with EW, Berger admitted Marc makes a lifelong impression on Kate. “I do think that first boyfriends and first loves make a lasting impression, and it’s not always the best impression,” she said. “And in this case, it certainly had a lifelong impact.”

Then Aptaker added, “It’s like Elizabeth said, this is a time of her life where she’s just in such flux and spiraling, and there are so many factors contributing to what ultimately is it pretty substantial weight gain that we know comes from her.”

Milo Ventimiglia on what happens to Marc and Kate in ‘This Is Us’

Ventimiglia made his directorial debut during “Storybook Love.” So he also made a few comments about Kate’s relationship with Marc in This Is Us.

“It’s very much in This Is Us fashion to introduce something so deep into the series that we never knew about, but has such a huge impact,” Ventimiglia told The Wrap.

The real-life alter ego of Jack then revealed the storyline is similar to the introduction of Nicky (Griffin Dunne and Michael Angarano).

“It reminds me of when we learned Jack had a brother named Nicky or any of those bigger moments of discovery,” Ventimiglia said. “So I think it was a big responsibility for us on our side to really tease that idea of what did happen between Kate and Marc? It’s obviously new, it’s exciting.”

Ventimiglia then teased what’s going to happen to Kate and her boyfriend as This Is Us moves forward.

“[Kate’s] finally discovering that side of things when maybe she’s been down on herself in the past, of course. And she’s been pretty sad over Jack’s passing,” he shared. “So in this happy moment for teen Kate we’re going to get hit with the reality of what happened between the two of them.”

Not going to lie, fans should probably be worried about teenage Kate in This Is Us Season 4. Although we know adult Kate makes it out the other end, there’s clearly trouble ahead. And who knows exactly how the writers will pull it off? So stay tuned. This one is going to be powerful.

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